@dallin I was reading this article and thinking the exact same thing.

How Futurecop! Hold Me Forever has only 3.6k views in 2 months boggles my feeble mind,


jacked into sdf.org and reading the history FAQ on a Saturday night while listening to synthwave - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

20+ years ago What Dreams May Come was one of my favorite films, now I can barely watch it.

@metalune Replaced most of the Google with Fastmail (imap, caldav, cardav). I guess I still use Youtube - but most of that is through RSS feeds.

I still use Google Photos and Drive regularly, but am looking for more self-hosted options after they started bringing the hammer down on storage.

No matter how many fancy cloud resources, Kubernetes clusters, well formatted YAMLs, and distributed systems you have, failure at the block storage level will always get you in the end.

Well, guess I'll go and get a Playdate now since one of it's co-founders has a Gopherhole.


Figuring out a way to replace Google Photos locally since it's now bugging me I'm out of space.

Found this photo from 2006 installing Fedora on a barebones PC while watching Sin City ona CRT from a laptops DVD drive,

@redeagle did a search for places that sell Vacation nearby and wasn't disappointed.

vi variables.tf
terraform plan
terraform apply

@steve completely random, but this week I discovered Futurecop! via NewRetroWave TV and watched their video for Hold Me Forever, which includes the Solaris scene in your profile banner,


Didn't put it together it was Solaris until reading an article about sci-fi movies to stream an home a few days later.

awww yeah, finally put together a collection from When You Grow Up Your Heart Dies,


Time to decide on "What Doom WAD should I try this week?"

Finished up No Rest for the Living this week, and have Lunatic, Vanguard, Valiant, Back to Saturn X, and Ancient Aliens on the list.

I'd rather play a fun WAD instead of an insanely challenging or slaughter map, otherwise I'll just watch Decino play them on the inter-toobs.

@steve I have a Miryoku-like keymap programmed into my keyboards, mostly to do the one-hand modifier-one-hand layer, but haven't used it that much.

I should change that this week.

@goosey arrow keys are mapped to the navigation layer on hjkl (vim layout) when holding down the space bar.

QMK keymap for it is here: github.com/ecliptik/qmk_firmwa

@bjb it's a clone of the Data General Dasher from the 80s. Also recently seen in the TV series Severance.


They said building a container image in Fargate couldn't be done, they also said the sound barrier couldn't be broken.

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