Well, guess I'll go and get a Playdate now since one of it's co-founders has a Gopherhole.


Playing around with raindrop.io, you can make collections, and then share those collections, which also double as RSS feeds.

Here's my collection of Smol Internet links (, , etc), mostly from importing my Firefox bookmarks,


Maybe now University of Minnesota has some free time on their hands, they can kickstart re-developing

Spent some quality time packaging up Bombadillo, a and terminal client written in Go, for Debian tonight. :debian:

It's a new to the Debian archive, so hopefully I packaged it well enough to find a sponsor and get it uploaded.


Got my capsule up on RTC with a script to convert all Jekyll posts automatically to .gmi (and ) and create an index page with the 10 most recent posts.

Capsule, gemini://rawtext.club/~eclipti


Cutting it close, but my remote Fluxbox desktop (via VNC) running Lagrange loading up my newly minted site.

Spent some time last night on reading about and setting up a basic gohperhole.

I'm really drawn to it's simplicity and it just feels rewarding to use.


Just wanted to say thank you for Fosstodon introducing me to and re-kindling my interest in .

Spending some time today exploring and using Bombadillo.

Found some interactive fiction and now playing Zork I.