Playing around with, you can make collections, and then share those collections, which also double as RSS feeds.

Here's my collection of Smol Internet links (, , etc), mostly from importing my Firefox bookmarks,

Built amfora from source for FreeBSD 13 on a RPI yesterday, and it feels good :freebsd: :raspberrypi:

[ecliptik@tael ~]$ file `which amfora`
/usr/local/bin/amfora: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, ARM aarch64, version 1 (FreeBSD), statically linked, Go BuildID=Cqg3xUXbdcul076RVCl1/BQ7PVNv20RANu4WJFKYc/95fPB8q0MBpfrppv9mUP/BrrKprunXEIhbi5LHmHO, stripped

Fridays were made for having a beer, listening to Vaporwave, and browsing

Thinking of what to do with the gemini server now. I named it The Sours after the blighted land panels in Schismatrix.

Maybe some sort of interactive garden with a progressive blight algorithm?

Create an ag panel in ASCII and then have a script daily add noise/blight.

Visiting Geminauts then can prune it to fight the blight via an interactive CGI script.

Cap the amount of daily pruning, which is always below the blight so even with constant pruning over time it will fully decay?

After spending some time with FreeBSD on an RPI, now have a fully functional Gemini capsule running within a jail.


Let's drink Sapporo, listen to some Vaporwave, and browse gemini://.

Glances at Chip - ohhhh, a post is hitting the top 10 on HN....

32 upvotes, 0 comments

Seems on-par for the orange site.

Started packaging Amfora and LaGrange browsers for yesterday.

Amfora relies on a few godeps that aren't in the archive yet, and LaGrange has a dep on a library also not packaged.

Going to start with LaGrange since it seems like the lower hanging fruit, and will give Amfora a crack a bit later as I get more familiar with the Debian go package specs.

Now that Bombadillo is packaged for Debian, going to try LaGrange or amfora next.

Amfora looks a bit easier since it's Go, has a somewhat standard Makefile, and should work out-of-the-box with dh-make-golang to get started.

LaGrange is C and uses cmake, which I haven't packaged with yet, but seems straightforward from the packaging docs.

Spent some quality time packaging up Bombadillo, a and terminal client written in Go, for Debian tonight. :debian:

It's a new to the Debian archive, so hopefully I packaged it well enough to find a sponsor and get it uploaded.

Confirmed that my hack to follow feeds is working.

Going to start adding other gemfeeds now too to keep up with Gemlogs I follow.

It's a hack, but gemfeeds work in a web reader by proxying through

Added a Star Wars: Dark Forces section to my capsule.

Includes retrospective essays only available on gemini from the recently released Limited Run Collectors edition.


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