Confirmed that my hack to follow feeds is working.

Going to start adding other gemfeeds now too to keep up with Gemlogs I follow.

It's a hack, but gemfeeds work in a web reader by proxying through

Added a Star Wars: Dark Forces section to my capsule.

Includes retrospective essays only available on gemini from the recently released Limited Run Collectors edition.


Finally committed a dockerfile I had to run gmnisrv. I use it mainly for reviewing .gmi pages locally before publishing them to RTC,

I mostly interact with the web using my reader of choice Newsblur.

With the discovery of gemfeed for gemblogs on, I would love to see feeds in Newsblur too so put in a feature request,

Finally have my capsule where I want it. Includes a mirror of my blog, linked tags, post archive, and a gemfeed.

All generated automatically via a super hacky bash script.

Gemlogs on count as right?

Short post on the keyboards I regularly use (so not the Dreamcast one),


because of course I'm going to put a server in a container.

Got my capsule up on RTC with a script to convert all Jekyll posts automatically to .gmi (and ) and create an index page with the 10 most recent posts.

Capsule, gemini://


HN has a post on the front page this morning with +100 comments so far.

Good to see it getting attention, although
in typical HN fashion half of the comments miss the forest for the trees.

Just wanted to say thank you for Fosstodon introducing me to and re-kindling my interest in .

Spending some time today exploring and using Bombadillo.

Found some interactive fiction and now playing Zork I.

Just started using the fediverse, saw the tag trending.

Spent the last hour checking out glogs, RTC and GUS with Lagrange and it's amazing.