Started packaging Amfora and LaGrange browsers for yesterday.

Amfora relies on a few godeps that aren't in the archive yet, and LaGrange has a dep on a library also not packaged.

Going to start with LaGrange since it seems like the lower hanging fruit, and will give Amfora a crack a bit later as I get more familiar with the Debian go package specs.

Now that Bombadillo is packaged for Debian, going to try LaGrange or amfora next.

Amfora looks a bit easier since it's Go, has a somewhat standard Makefile, and should work out-of-the-box with dh-make-golang to get started.

LaGrange is C and uses cmake, which I haven't packaged with yet, but seems straightforward from the packaging docs.

Quick post on setting up Pocket C.H.I.P., updating to Debian 10, fixing keymap and running a different window manager.

:debian: Finished packaging up a newer version of xpenguins for , most of the time was re-building my toolchain for packaging; gpg signing, docker container for builds, learning gbp.

Lintian is happy with the package and now testing it some in a Debian 11 VM with KDE and GNOME.

Next step is finding a sponsor and officially uploaded.

TIL that I'm the maintainer of xpenguins package on Debian (I started adopting it a few years ago but never finished the process).

I was contacted by someone who is working on updating it and would like to package the new version.

Any Debian maintainers or developers willing to mentor/help me with it?

Debian :debian: 3.0 "Woody" with Fluxbox, GKrellM, xterm, Gaim, and Mozilla browser (this is was a few months before Firefox was released) circa 2002.

:debian: 2.2 "Potato" with WindowMaker, XMMS, and xterm circa 2001 (and a matching early aughties playlist)

Cutting it close, but my remote Fluxbox desktop (via VNC) running Lagrange loading up my newly minted site.