PocketCHIP desk terminal is mostly finished, turned off the screen blanking so it's always on and fixed up some of the spacing so things fit better.

Controls are through a connected keyboard or in a shared tmux session.

While looking for some cables today, dug out some old SBCs.

Left: IFC6540 - Snapdragon 805
Right: IFC6410 - Snapdragon 600
Middle: Experimental modular Snapdragon SoC + Breakout board.

The IFCs are dual-boot to either Android or Ubuntu. Downside is they store the boot partition on eMMC and require specialized Linaro builds and aren't as easy to setup as a RaspberryPi.

One thing I really like about them is they have an actual SATA port instead of just USB mass storage.

Initial setup of my PocketCHIP desk terminal using Tmux and various terminal utilities.

Figured out how to use a PocketCHIP as a serial console and booting OpenBSD 6.8.

RPI is powered from 5v coming off the CHIP battery, so both are now portable. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

While waiting for my C.H.I.P. to update last night, installed OpenBSD 6.8 on a spare RPI3 and going to have it replace my older RPI that's running pihole. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

fuuuu the underglow LEDs on my tg4x are stuck in non-cyberpunk colors. Suppose to switch to all purple when the num layer is activate, and now are red/green instead.

Must be a bad solder somewhere causing a short. Board works fine and no QMK changes, reset doesn't fix it either.

Really like the Pocket C.H.I.P. so far, planning to use it as a mini-terminal on my desk.

Next steps,

* updating Debian
* setting up mutt
* setting up amfora

@kelbot what is that terminal dashboard you use?

New toy arrived today, just in time for me to finish setting up my Mutt + GPG + Offlineimap setup.

GNOME 2 on Debian with Iceweasel, gEdit, and GNOME Terminal from 2008. :debian: :gnome:

This was my dual-monitor desktop setup when I was a sysadmin at UCSD, and would remote desktop into Windows to support Exchange and Novell servers.

Slashdot link in the browser is: tech.slashdot.org/story/08/01/

Reading this thread on HN on OpenBSD, and fondly remembering when I used to run it on my x61s years ago.

This was my daily driver for work for about 2 years. Wifi, Bluetooth, WWAN, and sleep all worked without issue.

Confirmed that my hack to follow feeds is working.

Going to start adding other gemfeeds now too to keep up with Gemlogs I follow.

It's a hack, but gemfeeds work in a web reader by proxying through portal.mozz.us.

Added a Star Wars: Dark Forces section to my capsule.

Includes retrospective essays only available on gemini from the recently released Limited Run Collectors edition.


Debian :debian: 3.0 "Woody" with Fluxbox, GKrellM, xterm, Gaim, and Mozilla browser (this is was a few months before Firefox was released) circa 2002.

Planning to spend a crazy weekend as an insurance investigator.

while reading @dsyates gemlog today he mentioned getting a COMPAQ Linux license plate at a conference. I have one of these (it was given to me by a former co-worker) too and it's proudly displayed in the garage along with other various swag I've gotten over the years,


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