Testing out new USB AV capture device with playing Doom on Jaguar while waiting for all these ports to build from source on FreeBSD 13 on a RPI.

My "other" desk in the garage.

Soldering station, RaspberryPis, Sony Trinitron (for gaming), various tools, and tech kitsch.

OEM Dell keyboard and mouse work well for leaving out here since the dirt/grime doesn't really affect them as much as a trackball or mech keeb.

Time to bring up this RPI FreeBSD desktop. :raspberrypi: :freebsd:

Got the monitor, keeb, mouse, and plugin in the HDMI cable.... ugh, it's DVI/VGA/DisplayPort in the back. I know I have an adapter around here somewhere...

25 minutes later, there we go.

Oh wow, the Limited Run TIE Fighter USB drive comes with a PDF of The Stele Chronicles.

I had a hard copy of this once but lost it long ago.

Ohhh, exciting. Rebooted by itself and 🤞 it comes back up. My local DNS proxy depends on it.

Hmmm, how do I upgrade OpenBSD again...

man sysupgrade

Is it really that simple? Let's find out.

So far so good.

Found the procedure doc on what to do if/when the server room over heats too.

I kind of miss those days.

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finally something else on my blog had more traffic than the Perl in a Container post I wrote like 6 years ago.

setup a user, pkg, doas, disabled root passwd/ssh, and using ssh keys for login. Planning to start testing out jails now.

Here's that fancy terminal info all the kids like to do these days.

Freebsd 13 :freebsd: on raspberrypi :raspberrypi: 3.

Just flashed the image and was checking it out via serial console in the Pocket CHIP. Something strange is going on though where random characters are sent via serial (need to check the wires), but ssh in works fine.

Dinner last night paired well with Chianti, so didn't solder anything, as I found out the hard way the two don't mix.

It's not like compiling a Linux kernel, where adding beer improves the final result.

Here's an old blog post from 2011 on my use of Google Reader. Almost 150k stories "read" between 2005-2011,


Found while cleaning out under the workbench. I bought Red Hat Linux 6.1 in 1999 for about 40$. :redhat:

Back then you could download it for free, but CD burners were rare and expensive, and booting from USB sticks wasn't a thing for at least another decade.

Funny enough the 6.1 disks aren't in the jewel case and instead I put Descent 3 in there at some point.

Spent most of the time fighting to find correct video format for mplayer, but now playing Vaporwave vids in the C.H.I.P. framebuffer, and it's as absurd as I could ever hope.

Blog write up about it here: ecliptik.com/CHIP-Vaporwave/

Slapped an OpenBSD 4.9 sticker on my new dnscrypt-proxy RaspberryPi :openbsd:

It's from the 4.9 release which was a Hitchhikers Guide theme, openbsd.org/49.html

Old OpenBSD physical media I still have, mostly for the stickers. :openbsd:

All installs I ever did were network, and never actually used the physical media, but it was a good way to support to project.

Pufftron was probably my favorite theme, but I'm digging the Hackers theme of 6.8 too.

Work leaking onto fosstodon, but this is the meme that helps me get through the day.

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