Figuring out a way to replace Google Photos locally since it's now bugging me I'm out of space.

Found this photo from 2006 installing Fedora on a barebones PC while watching Sin City ona CRT from a laptops DVD drive,

awww yeah, finally put together a collection from When You Grow Up Your Heart Dies,

Counter-Strike Beta 5.2 with map cs_facility (clone of Goldeneye64 level), on a MacBook Air running Windows 10 (unactivated) in Bootcamp, connected to a CS sever running via Linuxulator on FreeBSD 13 in a QEMU VM with KVM on a Debian Bullseye system. :freebsd: :linux: :appledarwin: 🎮

Because it's Saturday night.

Sure, why not install FreeBSD 4.11 to run a Half-Life Dedicated Server to play Counter-Strike like it's 2002?

Kind of cool that is still up and usable as an install source.

Installing Slackware 15 in a remote KVM VM while watching Tech Noir music vid by Gunship on Linux Mint running on a MacBook Pro.

It may be 30 years late, but Dave made a fatal mistake by printing his user and root password hash in this 1983 issue of Byte Magazine,

And that's how we got 10 versions of Chrome running text editors, irc clients, and music apps.

Thanks Unix.

@joel hope you don't mind, I submitted your post on using Mastodon for comments on a Jekyll blog and it's now trending in the top 10 of HN,

Everytime I open up ArchiveBox I get immense satisfaction of how well it's working with automatically archiving bookmarks from every hour.

Now if I can just figure out how to automatically convert the Readability or Mercury outputs to .mobi and sync to my Kindle.

@thegibson from last spring when I had a MacBook that could drive 3 screens.

Let's setup Steam tonight on my Linux Laptop. NOPE.

Root cause was somehow libc6 was using experimental packages, downgrading them to the versions of sid allowed the install to go through.

15 minutes ago, "Okay, let's dig into SerenityOS tonight, probably be an hour or two of work."

10 minute later....

That was, huh, much less eventful than I was expecting. Time to dig deep even more.

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