Reading about MightyApp (remote Chrome in a VM in the cloud) and at first I was skeptical, but then realized I do the same exact thing using bombadillo and amfora on a pubnix over SSH.

Except it's free, not Chrome, and isn't Peak Web.

@ecliptik Oh yeah I noticed that guy somewhere on twitter once. Any ideas what's he charging for that? I member it was all like "invite only" and I said fuck that you ain't so special.

@ecliptik I was skeptical when I first heard of it too, and I’m still skeptical. Isn’t that worse that running Chrome in terms of #privacy, and more importantly security? Users would have to send all their interactions to MightyApp servers for them to render pages, for what? Less memory usage? Memory limits are a problem of the past. I’m not sold :)

I haven’t looked at this in depth so feel free to correct me if I’m saying something wrong.

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