Thinking of what to do with the gemini server now. I named it The Sours after the blighted land panels in Schismatrix.

Maybe some sort of interactive garden with a progressive blight algorithm?

Create an ag panel in ASCII and then have a script daily add noise/blight.

Visiting Geminauts then can prune it to fight the blight via an interactive CGI script.

Cap the amount of daily pruning, which is always below the blight so even with constant pruning over time it will fully decay?

There is something similar with AstroBotany,


but is more a game and taking care of a personal plant instead of fighting the inevitable decay of a collapsing society.

@ecliptik an interesting concept... if it’s already kind of schismatrix-ey you could do a lot of thematic ties to Circumlunar Space and their 3 pubnixes’ “colonies”.

You’d see wholesomedonut from The Soviet drop by to cut the blight down every now and then. 🙃👍

@wholesomedonut yeah, I was thinking maybe a Circumlunar Outpost if it comes together well enough since the expectation of those are much lower.

I've been enjoying Red Consensus and lately and thought it would be fun to build something similar.

@ecliptik 👏 With that I go off to bed dreaming of idyllic network gardens of corrupted glyphs.

I would visit every day with my morning coffee :)

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