Google Reader was my first pinned tab in the aughties. I used to read it on my OG Droid, and it was a gut punch when I read about it's "sunset" in Reader itself while sitting on a bench at a local mall.

It's demise was the first nail in the coffin for me to start de-googling and realizing Google is not your friend.

On a positive note it lead me to Newsblur, which is a fantastic RSS reader and in almost always superior to it's ancestor.

@ecliptik That page seems a bit overdramatic. It was just an online feed reader, there is a on of them today.

@person oh it's totally over-dramatic. It's been almost 10 years and I would happily choose Newsblur over OG reader now.

I find it more of a warning of relying on Google in general. Reader was their first big "sunset", and it kicked off the trend of Google randomly killing products in order to make room for another messenger app.

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