for those around who use IOS: why?? Seams so counter intuitive

@Zezin For context I've had: OG Droid, Google Nexus, HTC One, Google Pixel Android phones. Rooted, flashed, built custom kernels, installed Debian, compiled OpenAFS kernel modules, and worked in engineering at the Company that makes all the chips for mainstream Android phones.

Why I left.

Google kills things, Inbox was the last straw

Rooting/flashing is fun but I need a phone to work and stay supported.

Apple ecosystem for families has no peer equivalence.

Deep inside is NeXT.

@ecliptik @Zezin Wait, so Inbox, a proprietary program made by Google dies, and you get tired of Android, an open source project that can survive without Google (huawei is just fine) ???


@joeligj12 @Zezin

Android was a lot of fun in the early years, and hacking away on AOSP were good times. But modern phones are themselves heavily proprietary, (even the Allwinner SoCs in the PinePhone heavily use binary blobs)

I love FOSS, but phones are so proprietary at hardware level it's not worth the effort for me anymore so I focus on FOSS other places.

For fun, here's the Surfboard I used when hacking on AOSP in 2012, it was running Android 2.3.5 (mmmm Gingerbread).

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