While waiting for my C.H.I.P. to update last night, installed OpenBSD 6.8 on a spare RPI3 and going to have it replace my older RPI that's running pihole. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

@jason123santa @ecliptik RPI2 (armv7) Not really sure exactly what this means:"There are still a fair number of things to do on each of these boards, however OpenBSD is generally considered to be usable on them. The platform is now self hosting, however there is no SMP support."!

No SMP support (specially when the RPI2 has 4× Cortex-A7 900 MHz)!

Maybe is not a good option on "that" platform. I'm gonna have to try on my RPI2s and RPI3s

@jason123santa @ecliptik too "bloated" for my taste. 3 times the source code of , and 1.5 times the size of !

@braunne @ecliptik I never used any of the BSDs but its not as bloated as Linux is.

@jason123santa @ecliptik Linux kernel is an utter disaster when compared to !

I Only use that kernel because of GNU. I believe in FSF and what is stands for. Couldn't care less about the kernel, though.

@braunne @jason123santa @ecliptik same. I believe in Free Software, in the FSF and in copyleft licenses.

But the BSD kernel is better. I'm in love with OpenBSD.

@werwolf @braunne @ecliptik
I never used BSD before but I do know that the BSD kernel is better.

What does BSD do better then Linux besides the kernel being better?

@jason123santa @braunne @ecliptik Linux is a kind of massive piece of code. Really difficult to understand unless you get really into reading the kernel's code. And it's huge, so good luck. It has a lot of unnecessary features. It's very popular and you'll find information about it easily.

While the BSD kernel is much cleaner, legible and efficient kernel. *BSD is a cohesive OS while GNU/Linux distributions are massive pieces of software put together.

@werwolf @jason123santa @braunne I think my favorite thing about the *BSDs is you can manage it without an Internet connection since the man pages and examples on the system itself are quality.

I challenge myself when working on OpenBSD (as a hobby, not professionally) to only use the official sources and on-system documentation first before hitting up duckduckgo and the results are good.

@ecliptik @werwolf @braunne
BSD can be used and managed without using the internet to search for things?


@jason123santa @werwolf @braunne When you install it one of the options are man pages (default choice) and covers everything about the system.

@ecliptik @werwolf @braunne
Yeah that is what he said in the video. The man pages cover almost everything in BSD.

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