@ecliptik Nice PocketCHIP post on the capsule.
If you want to try some other desktops for it here are a few more. JWM with this config is what I'm using on one of mine and it's pretty nice and very lightweight.
Pocket Home Bismuth is a more recently updated Pocket Home with some improvements.


@kelbot these look nice, thanks for the links.

Fluxbox on the CHIP, while fun, doesn't work all that well unfortunately, even with the touchscreen.

@ecliptik The JWM link is my recommendation since it's just a config and not a whole specialized desktop environment that won't likely be updated ever again :). It really works pretty darn well on the PocketCHIP too.


@kelbot when I was looking at the default pocket-wm and saw it was dwm my first thought was awesome, it's a suckless tool.

Second thought was how it's probably not going to be straightforward to config, haha.

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