While waiting for my C.H.I.P. to update last night, installed OpenBSD 6.8 on a spare RPI3 and going to have it replace my older RPI that's running pihole. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

@jason123santa Don't know about NetBSD. I did install FreeBSD on an older RPI since OpenBSD doesn't support armv6 and it was easier, just flash the system image and boot without going through the installer.

OpenBSD is only arm64 and requires a miniroot.img boot followed by the standard install process via the console. So a bit more work.

@ecliptik I wrote it wrong. I meant OpenBSD

How good does OpenBSD run on the raspberry pi? How good does FreeBSD run?


@jason123santa it's running well so far, haven't had much time with it since I finished it up late last night.

Was planning to setup pihole on it but pihole is only Linux, so going to follow this guide and setup Debian in a VM on it, bghost.xyz/post/pihole_on_open

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