I don't use Arch (haven't even installed it before), but I absolutely love the Arch wiki docs.

@ecliptik The wiki is fantastic. I'm gathering up the courage right now to do another Arch install on my daily driver 😅

@ecliptik fully agreed. its an awesome source, though you have to adapt every once in a while when you're on a different distro.

@ecliptik I have installed Arch, and I have one thing to say.

Don't. I've been a linux Systems Administrator for 25 years, I've written and customized linux distributions for many of those years and I messed it up the first time I tried. And the 2nd. The install guide is terrible, and will leave with an unbootable system if you don't read it carefully and follow all the links, and make some strange choices.

I hear some arch derivatives are much easier to install.

@mattrose @ecliptik Manjaro installation is very fast. I have also been meaning to try Artix.

@mattrose I've tried a whole host of linux distros over the years (in the time before Arch) and always end up back at Debian.

Probably 50% because I'm familiar enough with the distro to PXE boot for fully automated preseed install and 50% because it just does what I want without much fuss, especially for containerizing apps at work.

@ecliptik I certainly agree with you about the wiki. I was thinking about it the other week after I spent ages trying to hunt something down and kept coming across the same information. Then I just looked up the app on the arch wiki and my answer was right there, one scroll down.

@bbbhltz the mutt, pass, and irssi wikis are my current favorites

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