Really like the Pocket C.H.I.P. so far, planning to use it as a mini-terminal on my desk.

Next steps,

* updating Debian
* setting up mutt
* setting up amfora

@kelbot what is that terminal dashboard you use?

@ecliptik It is tmux with a bunch of random stuff running in panes. Sampler is the kind of dashboard framework I use for part of it.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot

I'm in the process of getting it setup, was using the local keyboard for a bit, but after fixing up apt and wifi I'm ssh'd into it.

Going to mess with a mirrored tmux session so I don't have to always use the local keyboard.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot

Somehow in the process though the LEDs on my TG4X screwed up, so that's another thing to troubleshoot too. Thinking maybe a bad solder point.

@exquisitecorp @kelbot yesterday I was playing around with amfora on the CHIP and saw the same symbols in your screenshot on the sides of the screen.

Any idea what is causing that? I'm assuming it's something with the 65 columns, but I would expect it to overflow and not fill in the space with symbols.

@ecliptik @kelbot I feel like such a dunce right now because I never even thought of attaching an external keyboard. I have to charge my PocketCHIP because it's been dormant and unused for so long now; but I'm excited to give this a try!

@groovestomp @ecliptik
Haha, that section of gpio breakout pcb does kind of hide the USB port unless you turn it around ;-). Bluetooth keyboard is possible too.

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