Since August 7, 2007, I have streamed 6510 movies/shows on Netflix.

First 5 were,

"The Ice Pirates","3/8/08"
"A Boy and His Dog","3/8/08"
"Californication: Season 1: Preview","8/7/07"

I forgot how much I enjoy running FreeBSD on the desktop - no systemd, no wayland, no dbus, no pulse audio, stable and quick, even on lower end hardware.

The simplicity of just startx and and a well tuned ~/.xinitrc can't be beat either.

Spent some quality time figuring out basic use of GPIO pins on an RPI 0W :raspberrypi:

Running Raspbian and Python, but may try out FreeBSD at some point too. Mainly wanted to focus on just building some circuits and coding instead of OS minutia.

Oh wow, so ZFS on a RaspberryPi actually has practical applications other than just storage

I was using it for some SSD storage for /usr/ports and things to speed up IO, but noticed that overall the system is snappier.

ZFS uses Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC) which is much smarter about keeping things cached, especially when accessing bins and libs on slower media like an SDCARD.

Testing out new USB AV capture device with playing Doom on Jaguar while waiting for all these ports to build from source on FreeBSD 13 on a RPI.

“It's almost like stealing people's data and giving it to a hyper-intelligent AI as part of an unregulated tech monopoly was a bad thing.”

I've thrown out probably 5 or so USB-B cables (the ones usually used for printers) over the years that were just sitting around unused.

Today I need one, because of course I do.

Too soon, too soon,

"You've got $1m/mo in spend for a large Kubernetes cluster. What do you do to find ways to decrease the cost?"

So many WMs to test out on FreeBSD,

[micheal@aleei /usr/ports/x11-wm]$ ls | awk -F- {'print $1'} | uniq | wc -l

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Gemini Zine Announcement 

I started a #gemini zine or gemzine. It's called smolZINE. A little thing to curate some neat stuff that's on gemini on a regular basis. If that sounds like something you'd be into check it out.


I want to run Amfora to browse gemini:// on FreeBSD armv6.

Steps required

1. Connect external USB SSD
2. Point /usr/ports, /var/db/ports/, /var/db/portsnap, and /tmp to point to /mnt/
3. Build go1.14 from ports to build go1.16
4. Build go1.16 from ports
5. Build Amfora from source.
6. Browse gemini://

This is what I do for fun apparently.

Adding an external SSD to this RPI, following some man pages and guides.

Why aren't any of these commands working?

Oh yeah, because this RPI is running FreeBSD not OpenBSD.

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this may take a while on an RPI B gen 1,

[micheal@aleei /usr/ports/www/firefox]$ doas make install

ugh, I always forget how low the IO is on SD cards, and this RPI 1 Model B can't USB boot.

Why do I use it again? Oh yeah, composite out.

My "other" desk in the garage.

Soldering station, RaspberryPis, Sony Trinitron (for gaming), various tools, and tech kitsch.

OEM Dell keyboard and mouse work well for leaving out here since the dirt/grime doesn't really affect them as much as a trackball or mech keeb.

Time to bring up this RPI FreeBSD desktop. :raspberrypi: :freebsd:

Got the monitor, keeb, mouse, and plugin in the HDMI cable.... ugh, it's DVI/VGA/DisplayPort in the back. I know I have an adapter around here somewhere...

25 minutes later, there we go.

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