Figured out how to use a PocketCHIP as a serial console and booting OpenBSD 6.8.

RPI is powered from 5v coming off the CHIP battery, so both are now portable. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

Quick post on setting up Pocket C.H.I.P., updating to Debian 10, fixing keymap and running a different window manager.

Why isn't xterm starting? Syntax in ~/.fluxbox/startup is correct.

oh, might help if I install it.

chip@chip:~/.fluxbox$ xterm
-bash: xterm: command not found

While waiting for my C.H.I.P. to update last night, installed OpenBSD 6.8 on a spare RPI3 and going to have it replace my older RPI that's running pihole. :openbsd: :raspberrypi:

:openbsd: :raspberrypi:

Multiprocessor machine; using instead of bsd.
Relinking to create unique kernel...

gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

will haunt me in my dreams

Running list of what I'd use a FaunchPad for,

- Screenshot macro
- Lock desktop macro
- Mute/Unmute
- Login password (stored in keyboard firmware is secure right?)
- `pkill gpg-agent` combo

3 more macros to go until I can justify the 15$ purchase.

I don't use Arch (haven't even installed it before), but I absolutely love the Arch wiki docs.

fuuuu the underglow LEDs on my tg4x are stuck in non-cyberpunk colors. Suppose to switch to all purple when the num layer is activate, and now are red/green instead.

Must be a bad solder somewhere causing a short. Board works fine and no QMK changes, reset doesn't fix it either.

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Really like the Pocket C.H.I.P. so far, planning to use it as a mini-terminal on my desk.

Next steps,

* updating Debian
* setting up mutt
* setting up amfora

@kelbot what is that terminal dashboard you use?

New toy arrived today, just in time for me to finish setting up my Mutt + GPG + Offlineimap setup.

GNOME 2 on Debian with Iceweasel, gEdit, and GNOME Terminal from 2008. :debian: :gnome:

This was my dual-monitor desktop setup when I was a sysadmin at UCSD, and would remote desktop into Windows to support Exchange and Novell servers.

Slashdot link in the browser is:

Waiting for my Pocket C.H.I.P. to arrive, and in the meantime looking already towards my next project.

I have a GergoPlex by gHeavy that was a lot of fun to build. Lately I've been wanting a macro-pad for common shortcuts like lock-screen, screenshot, etc and may just impulse buy a Fauchpad since I have spare choc switches and keycaps,

I am really enjoying setting up mutt, now just need to get this solarized-256 theme to work properly.

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The simplicity of protocol is brilliant! The bar to do hacky stuff with it is very low. Examples:

Bollux - A gemini client in bash.

Lace & sed - Microblogging on gemini.

I love how going from signing up to a Debian mail list has turned into lets locally sync all my mail over IMAP to Maildir to read it with mutt and GPG sign all mail.

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