Always exciting when a new version of drops,

Fetching updated firmware.
Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

Tried out nerdctl today, which for the most part worked, but had odd things like unable to build multi-stage images.

Trying to run a Spotify auth proxy appeared to work, but wouldn't get a token, where running it with docker was just fine.

Recording to 💽 has the added benefit of listening to an album all the way through without pause or stopping.

Let's setup Steam tonight on my Linux Laptop. NOPE.

Root cause was somehow libc6 was using experimental packages, downgrading them to the versions of sid allowed the install to go through.

Well that was probably more time than I should have spent on hacking the Spotify Terraform provider to make recording to 💽 MiniDisc easier. But maybe I'll get a t-shirt.

15 minutes ago, "Okay, let's dig into SerenityOS tonight, probably be an hour or two of work."

10 minute later....

That was, huh, much less eventful than I was expecting. Time to dig deep even more.

Passed the CKA over the weekend. Used the Udemny labs and which prepared me well for it.

Overall exam was challenging but not overly difficult.

Finally figured out adding intel_iommu=igfx_off as a kernel boot param fixes random Radeon graphical glitches.

Just put in an order to DigiKey for a few parts needed to automatically update label tracks on a MiniDisc 💽 using md-rec with a RaspberryPi :raspberrypi:

Now that I have a proper Linux laptop again, the one thing it's missing is the Universal Copy/Paste and Airdrop that Apple devices have that make it so. damn. easy. to copy things between devices.

Seems like Tailscale may be able to rectify that,

I've used Spaceship Prompt for a while to customize zsh, and today after watching Containers From the Couch was introduced to Starship.

Can't wait to see more of this, not that I really need track names on Minidisc, but would be a cool project to have setup,

After munging my zsh config and a few gpg-agent tweaks for my yubikey, finally have a properly working Linux Laptop.

Here's it working properly after a couple of reboots with no changes.

Seems sporadic, but at least it "works" in a sense.


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This is what it looks like from a screenshot point-of-view, although the black part is white when looking at it on the LCD itself.

Interestingly, even with a terminal window open that renders on the screen, the screenshot tool doesn't capture it, just black.

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Riddle me this - sometimes X on this laptop with a Radeon doesn't quite work (90% of the screen is a white block which does render a terminal but not a browser or background)

However, sometimes on a reboot, X comes up just fine and works 100% correctly.

No idea.

Oh yes,

> Telehack is a simulation of a stylized arpanet/usenet, circa 1985-1990.

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