For those metalheads out there,
Living Impressions just released their debut album.
It's jazzy/metal/instrumental.
I really dig it. What do you think?

Very interesting emerging life like system simulation out of a pretty simple equation.

People are usually shocked when they find out I'm not a real electrician

@Mallabori C'est pas de la polituque. C'est de la finance, c'est bien le probleme...

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Just some incidents from the last couple of months 

Google announces to close G+ in August 2019.
Gab is boycotted by GoDaddy, PayPal.
Steemit lays off 70% of staff.
Tumblr decides to ban adult content across its entire network.
The EU parliament votes in favour of the EU Copyright Directive aka filternet.
YouTube pressured to provide better protection for kids.

Privately owned centralized networks are under pressure from all sides. Long live the .

Please explain me why ext3/4 don't need defragmentation.
How does that work?

Transphobic knuckle dragging white hot sphere of rage 

@rtwx @measlytwerp He seems to be making fun of ppl that are constantly virtue signaling more than rly being transphobic.

@marsxyz l'extreme c'est dΓ©passΓ©. l'utlra c'est plus mieux.

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