A project manager is a person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.

@e4rache An inexperienced developer is a person who when asked if they want to make a child, they promise to have the baby ready in a month, collects payment for their work for the next 9 months and when the baby is born claims they aren't their parent and that they need to have another child to do what they wanted in the first place.

@halffast The experienced developer is a person that will make a perfect baby in exactly nine month and take the time to explain to the manager why it is impossible to make a baby in one month no matter how many people you throw at the task.

@e4rache A consultant will explain that it'll take 9 months to produce a child, use a 3rd party vendor to source the child and bill for the whole 9 months plus a 20% project management fee.

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