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There are two kinds of people:
Those who want net neutrality,
and those who don't know they want net neutrality.

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Please explain me why ext3/4 don't need defragmentation.
How does that work?

A project manager is a person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.

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Those who have children will understand.

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We are proud to have played our small part in InSight's #MarsLanding. Congratulations NASA!

The man who invented auto-correction should burn in hello!

A quick guide on "How to fall downstairs":

Step 1

Step 6

Step 8, 9, 10, 11.

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Important note for people coming by car: As of 2018, the ULB campus Solbosch is within the Brussels Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). Drivers of cars registered abroad are required to register before entering the LEZ, or risk being fined. Registering is free of charge. More information can be found

If you're going Black Friday shopping, be a descent human being and turn your phone horizontal before recording any fights.


The dark web is like dark matter, many people talk about it without really knowing what it is.

I don't need Google.
My wife knows everything.

Bad programmers worry about the code.

Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.

If cats could toot to you,
they wouldn't.

Today I came across my old password...

Who was walking down the streets with her husband and her baby.

Aliens probably ride past Earth and lock their doors.

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