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TIL that you can pass multiple arguments to PHP's `isset` and it will check them all. That makes for a slightly shorter syntax when doing `isset($a) && isset($b)`.

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Anyone that needs a sysadmin/security engineer?



What do you all think about this? The friends at Spatie made a demo about a Laravel plugin. They said they will release the code once they reach 50 GitHub sponsors.

When installing multiple PHP versions in Debian this command is extremely useful to switch from one to to other:

sudo update-alternatives --config php

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Our community is working hard on LibreOffice 7.0, due to be released in early August. And you can give them a hand! You don't need to be a programmer – you can help out with testing, design, documentation and more. Build up your skills and have fun:

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Given that there is no Gravatar module for Drupal 8, I was thinking about writing a Libravatar module.

Yay or nay?

The second video in the series "Free Software alernatives to popular services" is about Disqus. I went with Commento and I love it!

Take a look at

If the Drupal Association decides to go virtual for DrupalCon, I really hope Software ethics is one important feature when deciding how to do it.

Some of the Lullabots are assembling an Ethical Software Council. We are wondering how others (you!) do it.

Read more and engage at

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@berkes ^^ ... there's a (still) a chance... for PHP in my #dev tooling ,

when ( via @e0ipso ) you discover things like

Anyway ... Time to move .. to #API s culture :-)

#APIfirst | Contenta #CMS ?

PS : BTW... #PHP team is the only one that explicitely works for #power consumptio | and CO2 gas ( Rasmus D. dixit ) #ecology

A classic.

I have already removed the use of fontawesome from my personal blog. Please do share where things seems weird because of missing icons.

This weekend marked week number two of house confinement in Mallorca. I wanted to come up with a way to explain our three year old what is going on.

Maybe other parents want to use this idea to talk to their kids about it.

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Are you interested in secure, sovereign, open, and decentralized instant messaging?

Be part of the federation, mount your own Matrix Synapse instance with web client, using this simple #Ansible role


Huzzah! Percentile 92 is not bad at all!

My personal blog emits less CO2 than 92% of websites.

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