The Declaration of Digital Autonomy is a HUGE deal. We should make a big fuss around it.

I just finished a translation to Catalan. Join me in the effort to broadcast the message. Add your own translation.

Catalan version:

La Declaració d'Autonomia digital és un fet MOLT important.

Just he acabat la traducció al català. Ajuda'm a difondre el missatge. Afegeix la traducció a altres idiomes.

Versió en català:

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Molly de Blanc and I wrote a Declaration of #DigitalAutonomy, outlining the Principles of Digital Autonomy. We'd love to hear your thoughts:

Things I realized I don't need:

- Websites to "remember me"

I can just use my password manager to log in every time. I use "Site bleacher" (a Firefox add-on) to remove all the cookies so I'm always logged out.

Dealing with video embeds is not always easy. This is how I solved it for embedding Invidious videos.

@gnome excited about this! My first Free Software event outside .

@spla gràcies per el voluntariat. Fas que el fedivers sigui més sa i més divers.

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re: signal app 

While I'm at it, can we note that Outcry Driven Development is a huge resource drain on a user community? We shouldn't have to be constantly on the alert for a policy, code or legal, change that will become permanent if we don't scream loudly enough, fast enough.

That's tiring, emotionally painful, and a form of labor I'd rather not consent to doing. There are other ways to figure out whether users will find a feature troublesome -- like presenting its effects clearly, thinking through user scenarios, and asking enough of them in advance.

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@klausi I am considering learning Rust. What type of gigs are you doing with Rust?

I just registered for GUADEC 2020. I am quite excited about it, it will be my first one! Looking forward to learn more about @gnome

@ryan659 I don't find it usable yet. It's an interesting exercise though.

I am running UBports in my unused Oneplus 3T now. Tinkering is fun!

OH: "Cada uno en su casa, y Google en la de todos"

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