As a member of #drupal community I think some (most?) of its members don't care much about #FLOSS . For example #drupal_cat community uses #Telegram , and not @matrix , or #meetup and not its floos alternatives. And most of its developers have gone to #Slack (as an example is in an Slack channel, and not in a #Matrix channel where you discuss about this issue with other drupal community members).

At the opposite pleople of #debian, @kde , @PINE64 , etc.

It's a pity ;-)

@arbocenc @e0ipso
it's a pitty... agree

( Drupal ES ) is using Rocket.chat .. i think so... remember when you just dropped by the #IRC chat channels ? Simple...

Sitll, it happens here and there... an you need to go chasing each community in their own chat tool... whatever

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