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Wonder if I should make a account to post my videos there too. Their community seems significantly larger, but I dislike its centralization, even if its intentions are relatively benign. To the crypto thing, however, I'm fairly nonchalant.

what's your opinion, fediverse?

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KDE e.V. :kde: is looking to hire two people for a new initiative to support environmentally sustainable software development.

First position is for an event manager and the second is a project/community manager.

You can find more details in the job ads:


Please direct any questions about the positions to:

kde-ev-board at

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Hello, world! Just trying this thing out for the first time. 😋

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Fediverse, do you know a technical writer, around these parts?

If you are one, could I DM you and ask you some questions about which path you took to get there, what the work is like, and so on?

Boosts are welcome.

Wow! really impressed with . I reached out to request a complimentary license for my work on FOSS, and they approved it within the hour!

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New #drupal 9 .1 #CMS | #PHP framework release bring us an elegant default theme

Olivero D9.1 default theme | brings us
« Design elements such as drop shadows, and gradients are used sparingly while typography, animation and color palettes have been thought out.»

++ Recent commonly used Drupal functionality such as

** second-level navigation,
** embedded media,
** layout builder,
** and more...


as the Lullabot ... says #chaos and #design ?

cc @e0ipso

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What about a live streaming in a couple of hours to showcase the progress on multi selection, and code together something?

@spla he vist que la instància de està caiguda. No sé si ets l'administrador també.

Jo en soc un usuari agrait. Gràcies pel que fas per la comunitat!

I wrote a blog post about staying connected to a VPN: "Notify me if no VPN is active"

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In this series I take two of the official React app examples and turn them into "widgets". Your Drupal editorial team can then embed a calculator and an emoji selector as blocks in a page, as a field in a content type, in the body field via WYSIWYG, …

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Peertube live streaming has been merged.. this is really exciting feature!

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You have one more day to let us know who inspires you in the world of free software: nominate them for a Free Software Award by November 11th!

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