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Your top 3 must-play games of the last decade are ...

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Building a time machine to shake the hand that carved this rain spout

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We have had some issues overnight where the instance’s timelines were not updating. Out host, @mastohost appear to have fixed the issue and we should be back to normal now.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please email the team at

Apologies for any issues caused.

The JSON:API 1.x module for will be unsupported soon. Please upgrade your code to use the Drupal core version instead.

Trying to get back into tennis training. I can't find any racket that is as good as my 15 year old one.

Does anyone know where to get some reasonably priced cool Linux stickers online?

Anyone knows some good posts that answer: "why would I care about privacy if I have nothing to hide?"

I can ellaborate an anwser to it but I would like to have a link ready to send out.

I'm supporting the next decade of digital privacy and free speech. Join me and EFF today.

I am finding this talk about performance of the PHP language by Nikita Popov very informative.

I was at an event in Tokyo promoting decoupled . And they recorded the session.

I keep a text document with all the customizations I do after a clean install of Pop_OS! It feels like a dated solutoin.

How is everyone else dealing with that stuff?

I installed Lineage OS on my wife's phone and I am pretty happy on the results.


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