Some of the Lullabots are assembling an Ethical Software Council. We are wondering how others (you!) do it.

Read more and engage at

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@berkes ^^ ... there's a (still) a chance... for PHP in my #dev tooling ,

when ( via @e0ipso ) you discover things like

Anyway ... Time to move .. to #API s culture :-)

#APIfirst | Contenta #CMS ?

PS : BTW... #PHP team is the only one that explicitely works for #power consumptio | and CO2 gas ( Rasmus D. dixit ) #ecology

A classic.

I have already removed the use of fontawesome from my personal blog. Please do share where things seems weird because of missing icons.

This weekend marked week number two of house confinement in Mallorca. I wanted to come up with a way to explain our three year old what is going on.

Maybe other parents want to use this idea to talk to their kids about it.

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Are you interested in secure, sovereign, open, and decentralized instant messaging?

Be part of the federation, mount your own Matrix Synapse instance with web client, using this simple #Ansible role


Huzzah! Percentile 92 is not bad at all!

My personal blog emits less CO2 than 92% of websites.

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free software didn't "break through" into mainstream

rather, tech companies realized it was a free resource to exploit

"open source" is free software but for capitalism

free software can NEVER be mainstream, because it subverts capital

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I'm a bit low on contracts right now, so does anyone have any programming or standards work for us?

Here's our website:

Also if you like the work I'm doing on Odysseus, Rhapsode, movie recommendations, and/or libdggs please donate to me:

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Google Slides are no longer mandatory in DrupalCon.

If you see an issue raise it, usually they can be fixed.


Google Slides are no longer mandatory in DrupalCon.

If you see an issue raise it, usually they can be fixed.


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EFF has learned that our dear friend Special Counsel Jim Tyre (@TyreJim), one of the biggest and best Internet advocates you may never have heard of, has passed away.
Neither EFF nor the law of the Internet would be the same without him.

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No hay una soluci贸n 煤nica para todos cuando se trata de VPNs. Al igual que el correo electr贸nico, hay muchos servicios de VPN por ah铆 y usted debe elegir el servicio que funciona mejor para usted.

I donated to @fdroidorg today and I invite you to do the same. They are critical to in Android.

I added @Matomo to my blog. A privacy-friendly analytics tool. I was incredibly easy to setup.

I think @Gina was thinking about it recently.

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