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About 2 weeks ago, I stopped receiving any/all email notifications from to my email.

Anyways, finally figured out a "workaround":

My mail provider allows receiving mail from <any> addresses, so told #gitlab to use one of those for notifications. That worked. My original email address still doesn't. Wtf. 🤦‍♂️

3 is out! Lots of news covered this time, among the topics: @purism's Librem 5, Mainlining of Android devices, Feedbackd, @kde Plasma 5.21 and lots about @PINE64's PinePhone.

I'm happy to announce that our paper 'Leveraging recommendations for generation' was accepted at @icwe2021! @W3C_WoT @rml_io @grhsnd @GertjanDM @ThomasDelva @HeyPieter @Ben__DM @natadimou @IDLabResearch @imec_int @ResearchUGent

Here is a new release of #InfiniTime for @PINE64 #PineTime.

Version 0.13.0 adds call notifications, vibration on notifications, new buttons in the Music app and new BLE improvements!

Thanks to everyone involved in this new release!

This week’s Dendrite 0.3.9 release contains significant performance improvements when performing complete syncs, as well as tweaks to state handling and some startup crashes fixed. If you are running Dendrite, please upgrade!

New tabs are in Epiphany master 🎉

Huge kudos to @exalm for making it happen!

If you haven't used Epiphany in a while I encourage you to check it out once 40 hits.

Today marks the end of Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!


@PINE64 announced the end of the community editions. Turns out the @mobian edition was the grand finale that could simply not be topped :-).

Thanks to the awesome work of @alexeymin, Discover now supports #apk (the Alpine Linux package manager)! Coming soon in a @postmarketOS edge upgrade near you, and also the upcoming v21.03 release!

New @postmarketOS installer feature. You can now choose if you want to install to the SD you're booted from or install to the internal storage :)

In case you missed it, this December GTK blog from Emmanuele reflects on the incredible amount of work hundreds of contributors put into GTK 4.0 over the last four years.

#GTK #opensource

👀 The second release candidate of Synapse 1.26 is out! It brings a new algorithm to speed ups some of the worst performing state resolution calculations, as well as massively faster redaction in large rooms and support for enabling multiple SSO providers!

#InfiniTime 0.11 for @PINE64 #PineTime is out!

You were waiting for this new feature for a long time : the heart rate sensor is now integrated in InfiniTime!

This version also includes a navigation app from @adampigg !

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