Call management 📞 and phone status reports 🔋 📶 with HFP devices are coming to :linux: 📱 through & 🔊 on @postmarketOS !

Dialing numbers, accepting, rejecting, and hanging up calls are possible through any HFP device so you drive safely while making a call!

See the demo on @peertube:

Of course there's already an MR:

@PINE64 @purism @mobian @linmob @tuxdevices

@dylanvanassche If I am using bluetooth headphones, can I use the mic on the headphones and hear call audio on the bluetooth headphones with this patch?

@anjan This patchset does the RFCOMM side of things, audio routing is something else, which I haven't covered here.

Bluetooth HFP spec consists of a bunch of AT commands to execute commands on the phone through the Bluetooth device such as: accept, reject, hangup calls, get service & roaming status, phone battery level, etc.

Headsets bind these AT commands to buttons which you can use to execute an action. It is extensively used in cars for handsfree calling.


That reminds me, does this stack work as well using PulseAudio-over-Pipewire?

@csolisr @postmarketOS Unfortunately no... Somebody has to port it to . I picked because it is widely used by distros. PipeWire is relatively new, some distros already switched to it, some didn't. Once things land in PulseAudio it should be easier to port it PipeWire.

@dylanvanassche @csolisr @postmarketOS I can't wait till everyone and every distro is using PipeWire, it'll be awesome

@be @bart @csolisr @postmarketOS

Once feature parity & stability is reached with PulseAudio, distros will switch to PipeWire probably. Once my patches are in PulseAudio upstream, they are way easier to port than trying to do it parallel.

Yes, @collabora is working on Bluetooth in PipeWire as well, but AFAIK, not this part yet. Combining both patches will make it super awesome!

@optimal PipeWire is not adopted by all distros yet and needs to reach feature parity with PulseAudio before all distros can switch. Patches can be ported to PipeWire though, but doing it now is not great since both upstreams will have comments on the patches. Distros which switched already won't benefit from it for now. @postmarketOS users will be able to enjoy these patches in the near future!

@dylanvanassche *cough* Fedora *cough*

Honestly though, PipeWire has reached feature parity and for a lot of people is now daily driver.

@optimal For desktop users maybe, but @postmarketOS focuses on which requires a lot more to reach feature parity such as full ALSA UCM hardware support and be super stable as your phone calls depends heavily on this.

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