@dylanvanassche @postmarketOS "Quectel EG25-G modem is too slow to keep up with fwupd, causing random lockups. Enabling verbose logging in fwupd made it slow enough"

I'm sure that was fun to debug.

@be @postmarketOS

Indeed! Tooks several weeks of WireShark debugging, comparing each USB packet with a working upload. Not fun πŸ˜„ but worth it!

@dylanvanassche @postmarketOS Wow, great work fixing issues up and down the stack!

@dylanvanassche @postmarketOS Great article, thank you for the write-up! The only thing I missed there were pointers for backing up the existing firmware.

Regarding the hexagon firmware: This part is not going to be changed during the update, does it? Couldn't these bits then be extracted and fed into an image that contains the remaining parts as part of the flashing process, making the remaining parts free to distribute?

Happy new year!

@kuleszdl @postmarketOS Thanks! Backing up existing firnware is not something fwupd does... However, the original firmwares are already backed up and available to download from Github: github.com/Biktorgj/quectel_eg

Regarding the Hexagon firmware: depending on what Quectel will do, we can just bundle the firmware (redistribution) or keep it out. With the latter, users need to flash the Hexagon firmware once manually. If we get redistribution permissions, the user experience will be better though.

@dylanvanassche @postmarketOS That's awesome!

Btw do you have a RSS feed for your blog? If so what is it, because I would love to follow more of it!

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