Wow! More than 1K of you have started to follow our journey on Mastodon! 🎉

Thank you so much! We've got a surprise for you! Tell us your story - what Nitrokey means to you and include a pic or video if you like! 🙂

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I have been using a Nitrokey Start for several months now and it's the best investement I ever did to store my keys! 💶 After a crashed system, restoring was a breeze, up and running in minutes! 🎆

Using the Nitrokey for GPG signing, GPG encryption, and SSH authentication. That's only possible because it works with existing standards and even better, it's FOSS!

All of this happens on and I documented my experience and install guide on my blog:

@dylanvanassche @nitrokey Being able to use the #nitrokey for gpg and ssh authentication was the main motivation for adding Gcr prompter support early to #phosh

@agx @nitrokey

Yeah the Gcr prompter in is really great! The even works on the @purism and the @PINE64 thanks to this!

@dylanvanassche @nitrokey Oh I need a guide for that SSH authentication you're talking about. So far I've been a happy Nitrokey user (also on #AlpineLinux of course), but if there are more ways to use it then I'm definitely interested!

@bart @nitrokey

It's in the blog post :)
Basically, you need to set GPG as an SSH agent and it works pretty nice! The blog post assumes you use pinentry to enter your password, but this can be replaced of course with other variants like

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