I've wrote a little blog post how I managed to get from a fully proprietary environment to FLOSS.


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Het einde van de privacy van digitale communicatie
Blog over Chatcontrole, door
Europarlementariër @echo_pbreyer@twitter.com.
Vertaald door @Kletskous@twitter.com #chatcontrol

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🔥PRIVACY SCOOP: How ANYONE can track your car using only your license plate: a thread! 🧵👇
#osint #privacy (1/X)

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Geary 43 branched, will be released in one or two weeks:
- Support for auto configuration (like Thunderbird)
- Reworked move/copy popover
- Fix an issue not marking all messages on server
- Fix "running in background" support
- More images loading options
- Fix contacts completion

Today's sad discovery: Tootle (github.com/bleakgrey/tootle), my favorite Mastodon client has been archived.

(Didn't happen today, but I noticed it today.)

🇬🇧 Thanks to tireless campaigning against #biometricmasssurveillance, a majority in the European Parliament now wants a ban in the #AIAct. We will continue to fight until #facialrecognition is finally banned in all European public spaces!


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My #postmarketOS t-shirts have arrived ❗ 😺

If you wanna make a contribution to an awesome project like postmarketOS and get some merch in the process, you can go here:



Hey users, if you want to improve linux support on smartphones, read this article: connolly.tech/posts/2022_09_16
@calebccff thanks for amazing article.

Anyway I tried Xonotic on the OnePlus 6, it's crazy.
Highest graphics details with native resolution and Xonotic running smoothly, more than 60fps.

I decided to give the @gnome shell mobile work a try on the 6 and it feels great!

if you own a OnePlus 6 or another well supported @postmarketOS device you can give it a go using this branch of pmaports: gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmapor

FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2023. We are aiming for a physical conference at ULB again.

We are still a massive €254 short for the server bills for mstdn.social, misskey.ai, mastodon.coffee, pixey.org and some more free open source services :sad_cat:

Hopefully next month I can pay most of it with a new job but that doesn't help now..

If you can, please think about supporting me in paying the bills for the various #Fediverse services I host for free❤️


If not me perhaps your own server admin :cat_hug_triangle::fediverse:

New podcast episode is out. This time, among other topics:

* Automated Phone Testing
* Debugging Phosh
* Bluetooth / Pulseaudio / ModemManager
* SHIFT6mq progress


"@EU_Commission is seeking to improve phone and tablet battery life and spare parts availability. [..] European regulators are planning to force phone manufacturers to supply at least 15 different parts to professional repairers for five years after a device first goes on sale. Consumers will also get guaranteed access to replacement batteries, displays, chargers, back covers, and even SIM / memory card trays for five years.

The draft proposals are designed to improve #repairability of smartphones and tablets and reduce their carbon footprint across Europe. The Financial Times reports that extending #smartphone lifecycles by five years would be roughly the equivalent of removing 5 million cars from the road. The EU argues that forcing manufacturers to make products that are more durable and easier to repair should reduce e-waste, and improve recycling rates and the reuse of materials needed to manufacturer devices."

Thanks @Fairphone for beeing a role model and sharing this!
#sustainability #greenIT

“Email is not distributed anymore. You just cannot create another first-class node of this network. Email is now an oligopoly, a service gatekept by a few big companies” cfenollosa.com/blog/after-self

PSA: Current new mobian images don't have callaudiod installed leaving you breaking modem audio routing. Please `apt update` and `apt upgrade` to get it pulled in.

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