Just finished reading Sapiens: a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

I also took the chance to write my first review on (

Check @lib_reviews for more info on this cool project!

@rookie @lib_reviews
Not really, but I might as well write more. I have been reading more and more lately.

@dyamon @lib_reviews Looking forward to read more reviews from you. Cheers.

Btw is there a review or article for keybase, I just noticed that many have it in their fosstodon profile.

Probably lots of angry articles nowadays 😂

Keybase was people's favourite toy not long ago. It has a nice concept, hides the complicated parts of PGP, and updates the (rather old) concept of web of trust with a social network.

On top of that they built a collaboration tools like chat, git repos, cryptowallets, all enhanced by their encryption framework.
Zawinski principle applies here

Now Keybase is owned by Zoom, so it is not people's favourite anymore 😥

@dyamon I guess I am little late to the party.

Where do people get these information anyway? I started following few peoples blog and yet I didn't get to know about this.

Anyway thank you very much for the info.

In here, is an hashtag that might help finding new projects, especially FOSS-related. Otherwise I discover new stuff mostly via Reddit and podcasts.

This is a *very personal* opinion, but for me following blogs has become impossible. The "everybody can have a blog" trend means that the noise you need to filter out when you are looking for something good is a lot, too much for me.

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