A bunch of friends and I have a video call (skype) all together every few months. This time I suggested to add some flavour to the call. seemed a good middle ground: good/simple interface (close enough to skype), E2E encryption, available on all major platforms.

Sadly we found out there is no support for group video calls with >4 people (not even the pro version). Not well advertised on the website imo.

Back on skype, until next call :(

Maybe you have suggestions for alternatives...

1) we are all in different countries so this is challenging (skype is doing OKish, but at least we can see/hear each other)

2) simplicity... not all of them are tech savvy (for example might feel weird)

3) true software would be a plus (seems like is but not real )

4) group video call encryption would also be a plus (afaik does not provide this)

@dyamon I just installed jami for a test spin; I guess I count as tech savy, but where do you see the problems others might have with it? Wasn't really complicated (android and gtk-client); skype felt more complicated back in the day I had to use it. But my perspective is surely limited, and if I have to teach it to freidns and familiy, I very much like to broaden my view.

Useless rant incoming... 


@tomterl still, Jami is an interesting project and one of the few that present itself as a communication (and not collaboration) platform!

@dyamon thanks for your input! I'll have a trial period with a few people, see if it's usable day to day

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