My newest video is on the topic of upgrading the kernel in , which is not a straightforward process if you are a first-timer. Check it out!

Yesterday, we released a way to interact with a CodiMD instance via the command line \o/

You can import markdown documents, publish existing notes, export as PDF, MD, HTML, or as slides in a zip archive and more! If you feel like writing a little code, there are some other features` it would be nice to have as well 😉

Recently, a new Symptom Tracker app has been released for residents. I seems legit and developed in collaboration with Kings College. Still the app doesn't appear to be and installing from Play Store requires a crazy amount of permissions. Imo in this cases an app like this is REQUIRED to be open. Why is it so hard to understand?


I saw a 7 Enterprise at the gate, today at the airport. What do you guys do when you still see a Windows 7 in the wild? This is not necessarily a harmless machine with outdated sw.

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Found a nice crash course in sc, a free command-line spreadsheet calculator that runs on .

Don't expact a terminal equivalent of Calc or Excel. But if you want to push some numbers into a text orientated spreadsheet, let it calculate, take the results, reformat them quickly inside the pipe, push them forward to Maxima, find a differential integral solution, pipe this to GNU-plot and add the result to a file, then sc is maybe right for you.🙆

So, do any of you know what happens when I'll be able to update 17 to 18? Am I going to automagically get this Hub thing? On one hand I don't need, let's say, Talk but I wouldn't mind an autoconfigured one click as a result. @nextcloud maybe?

OpenPush - A Free, #Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for #Android

"Push messages are an essential part of connected mobile devices. They are also one of the critical missing pieces in the #opensource Android ecosystem. Until now, free Android apps would either need to implement their own push notification system, do without any push messaging or use the proprietary Google Cloud Messaging service."

Decided to give a try. It has been a while since I drew anything... this is day 1 without paying too much attention to the timers.

For ages I had to deal with the fact that doesn't have a "presentation mode". The solution was to have on the side and use that for presentations.

The other day I came across , a Keynote-like presentation tool so juicy that I want to give presentations just to use it!

Also great support!

I received a text message with a Google maps link. So, I added an option in #NitterizeMe that transforms them into #OpenStreetMap links

Oggi, nel #GiornodellaMemoria, con i volontari della comunità #OpenStreetMap mappiamo le pietre di inciampo presenti in #Italia, testimonianza diffusa sul territorio per ricordare le vittime del Nazismo ➡️
📸 di Gaux

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

Ora possiamo dirlo ufficialmente. #Wikipedia è di nuovo accessibile in #Turchia dopo due anni e mezzo di blocco. Quale regalo migliore per il diciannovesimo compleanno dell'enciclopedia libera? 🇹🇷 Bentornata Turchia! #WelcomeBackTurkey #WikipediaDay

It's 2020 and I still need to ask people to send me a PDF version of a document instead of some MS shit.

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice: #Bloatware

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