Pattle is a new IM-like client for Matrix

A new Matrix client that visually resembles popular messaging apps like Signal / Telegram / Conversations

We at #Nextcloud believe that #Article11 & #Article13 of the EU copyright directive are very bad for European businesses.

Over 130 other #EU companies joined us and signed our open letter urging MEPs to vote against #uploadfilter and #linktax.

Of course it wasn't announced, but a free account can now only sync between three devices. No surprise that a company still losing money has to increase pressure a bit, but not fun for the users.

#selfhost to avoid such unpleasant surprises!

Interesting tidbit in Mozilla's speech-to-text: it is now starting to emulate breathing.

vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

Maybe you have suggestions for alternatives...

1) we are all in different countries so this is challenging (skype is doing OKish, but at least we can see/hear each other)

2) simplicity... not all of them are tech savvy (for example might feel weird)

3) true software would be a plus (seems like is but not real )

4) group video call encryption would also be a plus (afaik does not provide this)

A bunch of friends and I have a video call (skype) all together every few months. This time I suggested to add some flavour to the call. seemed a good middle ground: good/simple interface (close enough to skype), E2E encryption, available on all major platforms.

Sadly we found out there is no support for group video calls with >4 people (not even the pro version). Not well advertised on the website imo.

Back on skype, until next call :(

Continuing their discussion on federation, @cwebber and @emacsen dive into ActivityPub and how it works in the latest episode of Libre Lounge

Commentary from Joshua Montgomery, the CEO of Mycroft, regarding closed source platforms and Google.

"Closed Platform Deprecation - Beware the Google Graveyard - Mycroft"

Couldn't happen to a nicer social network. G+ going extinct, Facebook seeing negative user growth. Hopefully an open standard will be there to pick up where they left off.

"U.S. users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says"

Hi Fediverse,

It's me, Federico! PhD student in Computer Science, enthusiast, user, as weapon of choice, occasional artist.


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