Ora possiamo dirlo ufficialmente. #Wikipedia è di nuovo accessibile in #Turchia dopo due anni e mezzo di blocco. Quale regalo migliore per il diciannovesimo compleanno dell'enciclopedia libera? 🇹🇷 Bentornata Turchia!
wikimedia.it/wikipedia-torna-a #WelcomeBackTurkey #WikipediaDay

It's 2020 and I still need to ask people to send me a PDF version of a document instead of some MS shit.

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice: privacyinternational.org/advoc #Bloatware

🔸 Cinque buoni propositi per il nuovo anno 🔸
4️⃣ - Registrare dati su #OpenStreetMap è semplice, puoi iniziare dal tuo quartiere. Semafori, passaggi pedonali, esercizi commerciali: ogni dettaglio è utile per arricchire la #Wikipedia della mappe!
➡️ learnosm.org/it/

Necessary cookies: always on 

📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article: davidrevoy.com/article747/

Yesterday I received my #Librem5 from @purism! Today I had fun with it, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client
- the Komikku webcomic reader
- the terminal application

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Just want to remind you of the . If you're not happy with , no engagement whatsoever for the four days December 10th through 13th. Block it in your hosts file.

If you post videos, @DissidentKitty has some resources you can use to notify your subscribers. (radical.town/@DissidentKitty/1)

Unless we demonstrate that their monopoly is fragile, things won't change.

Also @Framasoft, sadly half of your services (like Framaform) are in French :( Do you have any plan to have them available in english too? Can I help in some way with the translations? I don't know any French but I think, which some effort, most terms would be trivial to translate.

Today a friend asked me if I could suggest some service to build a quiz/survey. What do you guys use on the FOSS side? Sadly, to beat Google Forms it needs to be as easy as "I already have an account to do that" and, in general, people don't expect to pay (a monthly fee) for a one time thing.

I thought about using Nextcloud Forms on my instance and make the form public but this is more a backup plan than an option.

Sharing my @nextcloud app selection since I reached a configuration that I like a lot.

From left to right: Files, Calendar, Deck, CGit (External Sites app), Personal Wiki (PicoCMS app + External Sites), Passwords (currently unused), Polls, Cospend, Activity.

Still in my list: Mail & Contact (probably just as a backup, since I use and a text file as an offline solution), and Talk.

Also can't wait for in :nextcloud: 18

I guess...

After a lot of combined effort by the F-Droid community and the jitsi team the #Jitsi Meet app is now finally available on F-Droid:


🎉 🎉 🎉

:netkitty: Welcome to my homepage! :netkitty:


🚧 under construction 🚧

• :blobcat: Photos of cat 🆕
• 🖼️ Anime gallery (big download!)
• :blocky_white_cursor: Mouse cursor collection
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◀️ anime fan webring ▶️

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We released #PeerTube v2 yesterday!
Improvements on federation, instances presentation and a brand new JoinPeertube.org !
We're talking about live-streaming for the v3... more info here framablog.org/2019/11/12/peert

Since OpenAI decided that their "Too Dangerous To Release" AI GPT-2 was OK to release, I've been wanting to play with it. Thankfully, a very helpful individual has set up a site where you can try it through the web, no heavy lifting required. Syntactically it does a really good job, but the complete output doesn't seem to make a lot of sense most times. Let me know what you think!


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