Books: you own the physical copies, there's no subscription fee, they don't require an internet connection, their batteries won't die on you, you can share them with your friends without committing a crime, most people can rent them for free, and you don't need to subscribe to multiple streaming services to find the ones you want.

they consume a lot of space though, and second-hand #books can also be a source of annoying pests such as #silverfish...
#DRMfree should mitigate several of your objections to digital books.

@FiXato my objections were mainly to video games and entertainment such as they are now.

that I can mostly agree on.
I still have a nice collection of #SNES, #GameBoy, #MSX, #N64 and more oldschool #consoleGames lying around where I don't have to worry about internet access, waiting for update downloads, activation servers that are no longer accessible, expired licensed music being disabled, or other similar issues.
Might need to replace a save-game battery though, or replace some capacitors on the hardware, but at least these still have a #rightToRepair.

Though if there is a bug in any of those console games, it is harder to fix. At least the #MSX #homecomputer had a built-in OS that could be used to patch the ROM cartridges with a loader.
Then again, most games from that era went through a better QA cycle so zero-day patches weren't as common. (Though I definitely have had to get some (mostly disk-based, homebrew) games patched at the next computerfair, or sometimes even at the same one as the game was released.)

floppy disk and especially data-cassette based games are susceptible to data-loss and -corruption over time though, but at least those are generally cheaper to copy / digitize than cartridges, at least if they don't use some annoying kind of copyright protection, which sadly was quite popular even back then.

You'd probably also want an old CRT screen though to do them justice, because they likely won't look as good, if they are compatible with your current display at all.

having said all that, I do appreciate being able to just listen to (and be notified of) the latest album of the bands I like, without having to go out to a brick and mortar store and either having to pay for it without knowing what it sounds like (basically the same as pre-order imho), or having to stand and listen in the shop to it wearing the shop's heavily used headphones.
Even if it means having to listen to ads and as a randomised playlist if I want to do it for free.

@FiXato I didn't play many DOS era games, but I do have a 15 year old crt. I do have a 16bit consol, a PS2, a Nintendo DS and someone gave me an Xbox with 3 games. combined, I might have 20 games. I have a few PC games, some steam games, but don't really have a PC they will run on. I'd do emulation but seems dead. I've barely done any gaming the last decade. Music, I do listen to a lot, usually Soma FM, YouTube, sometimes bandcamp, pandora, rarely SoundCloud or spotify.

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