Judge: you stand accused of murdering a meteorologist, how do you plead?

Me: innocent, your honour.

Judge: innocent?

Me: it was self defence, your honour.

Judge: will the defendant elaborate?

Me: The heat was killing me

In my first piece for @BuzzFeedNews, I explain why #facialrecognition surveillance enables the automation of authoritarianism and oppression, and why it's not too late to stop it. Please share!
buzzfeednews.com/article/evang #BanFacialRecognition

Ted Cruz, who wants to label people who oppose fascism "terrorists," seen here at a rally with far-Right Oath Keepers militia. Group was part of armed occupation of Malheur in 2016. Participants threatened to kill FBI agents and one militia member was killed by law enforcement.

What do people think of Zoho services are Google replacements? Especially e-mail?

Climate change and fundimentalist Christianity 

When it comes to interface design, consistency is what I value the most. And, surprisingly, that's a point in favor of FOSS! invidio.us/watch?v=CJyzR-deHtM

"controversial" opinion #1 

This is a social experiment to prove the "gabbers" wrong (Part 3) 

This is a social experiment to prove the "gabbers" wrong (Part 2) 

I open up about some of my politics and personal beliefs (Part 1) (I'm personally conservative / traditional, but socially libertarian, economically leftist, politically anarchist) 

2020 Presidential Candidate Blowout! | ReasonTV -- these are some fair points 😂 invidio.us/watch?v=DhempEhU8A4

68% of white evangelical Protestants say the US does not have a responsibility to accept refugees.

Opinions among religiously unaffiliated adults are nearly the reverse: 65% say the US should accept refugees.


Plausible deniability is a canard, these intelligence agencies are blunt actors who have no oversight. Don't tell me something is not an intelligence op because it is too obvious, because they don't care if you know.

I've been using Waterfox for over a week. I love having live bookmarks back and having the archived add-ons is sweet. You can use classic theme restorer to get square tabs. Not sure all the addons I need are here, but I dunno...It's pretty nice.

Thanks to @Matter @geotechland and @wuwei for helping me learn alternate ways to follow YouTube channels so I can be free from the algorithms, ads, and Google itself. If anyone wants help with that, I'll pass what I learned on. It was just in time too. YouTube started drastically suppressing independent content a couple of months ago. I hope content creators move over to

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