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Oh, I am a dumb butt. I should have mentioned if isn't your thing, you can add that term (and ) to your filters list and you can still follow me and not see any of those posts...if I was alert enough to tag them...which I wasn't. I'm going to start over...

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I'm going to be sharing images / music for the next two weeks. So, heads up if that's not your thing. It will all be over by May 16th.

"If we dump all the machinery and the knowledge we have in the ocean, within six months humanity will die.
If we dump all the politicians all around the world in the ocean, everything will go along very nicely."
-- Richard Buckminster Fuller

"Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important."
-- T.S. Eliot

Terms like "white collar crime" exist because the working class is considered criminal by default.

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There’s a really interesting exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum now showing reconstructions of ancient statues according to scientists’ understanding of the colors their surfaces originally bore.

(It’s been known for a long time that ancient sculptures as a rule were polychrome, not the blank white we normally see in museums.)

The reconstructions also smooth out the chips and dings the stone originals accumulated over millennia.

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So, how long will it be before new Roomba models come complete with cameras and microphones to "help Amazon keep your house as clean as possible"? Do you think they'll make the vacuums Alexa speakers so they can play your favorite music while they clean and spy on you?

Everything in moderation -- including moderation.

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root@earth:/# systemctl stop capitalism.service

root@earth:/# systemctl disable capitalism.service

root@earth:/# apt purge capitalism

root@earth:/# apt install anarchism


#capitalism #anarchism

People should just stop using the word "gaslight". 9 out of 10 times I see/hear someone use it, it's wrong. Or like...maybe watch the movie? It's free on I think.

Don't question authority. They don't know anyway.

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👋 As part of upcoming milestones, we're implementing a way for users to create circles (like in the old G+), but going beyond using it to define audiences (i.e. visibility of content), with very granular ways to define permissions on what you post (i.e. so you can give one of your circles permission to edit your post, or use it simply to lock-down who can reply, etc):

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If your idea of revolution isn't based on love and does not feature empathy for the marginalised as its primary motivator, I want nothing to do with it. Accelerationists just want to live out some post-apocalyptic fantasy they assume they'd be badass in because they feel inadequate in the real world. It's an ableist world-view that heartlessly condemns people with medical dependencies to death. The disabled are comrades and they deserve a better world.

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Snaps are like containers, just even more shitty.

"Yo, dawg, we heard you like Let's Encrypt, so we're going to install a second, entirely separate Linux instance inside your Linux box so that you can run a Python script, and require that you keep two older installs around just in case!"

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i will not "defend to the death your right to say it"—i'm too busy defending to the death my right to say it, and my friends' rights not to be shot by cops, die of preventable disease, or be made to starve

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all this would be
so much easier
if we were all

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This was predictable. Facebook/Meta is now encrypting the QP data so that Firefox and other privacy conscious browsers that strip the tracking data can't. Only way to avoid it is to not use Facebook at all. #DeleteFacebook #SurveillanceCapitalism…
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