I *didn't* take a DNA test because I am 100% that paranoid.

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Monopoly and privilege must be destroyed, opportunity afforded, and competition encouraged. This is liberty's work, and "Down with Authority" her war-cry.
-- Benjamin Tucker

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The best thing about the Fediverse? No sponsored PragerU videos.

It makes no sense to me that the same people who think it's impossible to accept that the chemicals we're intentionally releasing into the atmosphere can change the climate and threaten human life when that idea is called anthropogenic climate change and is accompanied with tons of data - - they call that idea a hoax. But when that same basic premise is called "chemtrails" and is accompanied by pictures of harmless water vapour in the sky, they buy into that without much question.

I approve of you. There. Now you don't require validation from a decaying and fundamentally unjust society that is currently crumbling under the weight of its own contradictions and will never value you as an authentic individual anyway.

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Please make #PineTab and #PinePhone actually usable and reliable. I know people like toys with which to experiment and hack. But the world needs a real Linux phone now. Yes, I mean a “daily driver”. It’s time.

when listening to future funk and a saxophone comes in : n_n

when listening to prog rock and a saxophone comes in: OwO

In my experience, most neo-Pagans are more Christ-like than most Christians.

Protect yourself from identity theft by changing your social security number every 6 months.

I watch some atheist YouTubers, Genetically Modified Skeptic is one of my favorites and one reason I respect him is because of the integrity and decency present in this video.

The company you work for is just a cult that pays you to be a member.

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Monty Python Pays Tribute to Terry Jones: Watch Their Montage of Jones’ Beloved Characters in Action

openculture.com/?p=1073743 t.co/gaxE35G4jO

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People who complain about Doctor Who 

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The natural effect of unfettered market competition is socialism.
-- Kevin Carson

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Is it just me or has Compton really improved?

Music, podcasts, and audio books should be handled completely separately.

What is life like using a mouse with programmable buttons in Linux? How do you configure it?

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