Hi, everyone!

I have just joined mastodon and I am still habituating myself.

Joined Fosstodon because I am trying to learn and know more about FOSS and though it would be a perfect way of doing that.

My interest about this topic emerged when I started to read some articles about privacy, which lead me to Reddit subs like r/privacy and r/privacytools and then a whole new world just appeared before my eyes.

Hope I can eventually contribute to this community!

Hi and welcome!
Good to have you here.
You're on the right track.

@dwarfghost Welcome to the Fediverse 🙌

Sorry, you favorited my toot so found this by accident. Not spying 😃
I am guessing you use Watomatic and you mentioned r/privacy and r/privacytoolsIO so asking (shamelessly🙈):
I could not post Watomatic to those subs as I am the developer and got no response from mods. Please consider sharing it if you think it belongs there:

Thank you! Happy to answer any questions 😊

Being sincere, I haven't used it yet. But as soon as I use it I will give you a feedback!

@dwarfghost Welcome! I'm still learning about FOSS as well and have considered switching over to your instance for similar reasons!

Have you tried Lemmy btw? It's a decentralized Reddit alternative. Could be fun! (I wouldn't know - I never really got into Reddit) Just thought I'd share:

@dwarfghost By using FOSS you already contribute to the community.

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