@cccupdatesbot anyone here who'se been to with kids and could share some of their experiences with me?
I'd like to come to but would be accompanied by my 5 year old.

@cccupdatesbot I'm also considering proposing a talk (Vehicle hacking / Analyzing proprietary CAN-Bus protocols). Need to check with work beforehand, because the amount of stuff I can talk about without touching company internals is very limited.

Would need another person taking care of my kid during that time. Is there some child care infrastructure at the congress for situations like this?

@dwagenk @cccupdatesbot They love it and it's great but then you'll of course miss the evenings and most talks. It's easier when more than one adult share looking after the kid(s).

@anneroth @cccupdatesbot thanks! Our interests differ too much, so if the whole family would come, my partner would mostly be there to look after the children. And being on tour with all 3 of them (ranging from 6 months to 5 years in age) is always quite exhausting, so I guess I wouldn't really gain anything in terms of being able to attend many talks.

@dwagenk I was there last two years with my now two years old kid. Friend had his now six years old kid at congress last year. Ask what you want to know.

@txt_file what kind of activities are offered for kids ~4-6 years old? The son that would be coming with me is quite good at staying focused, so if we find something for him to do and maybe even take with him, he'll probably be happy sitting through 2, maybe 3 talks a day with me.

Also is there some real child-care area? I'm considering proposing a talk, but only if it's possible to give him into child-care during that time.

@dwagenk There is the kids area for kids from 0 to 128 years old. Ball pit, Bobby cars and many other activities.
There is Jugend Hackt which is more for kids a bit older (IIRC starting at 10-12 years).
There are some soldering areas not especially for kids but I often found kids there.

At many assemblies there is nearly no distinction between children under 18 and over 18. ;-) Whoever is interrested can be a part of it.

@dwagenk I do not think that there will be child-care. At least I can't remember that there has been in the last years. But this is cause my child was all the time with one of its parents.

There are areas if you/your child need(s) some rest.

My recommendation is to have at least two persons who take care for the smaller one. At least if you want to take it for the full event.
Think about it as going to holidays with the kid. …

@dwagenk … Would you go on vacation and have an appointment (which must be without child) during the time? Probably^WHopefully not. ;-)

It's your child. You know best if you could be away for 1.5 hours and everything will work out.

I have met very many welcoming people which are willing to help. But if a kid wants its parents/a trusted person there is not much somebody could do.

@dwagenk If you want to go to a talk/workshop/BoF/meetup but kid wants to play in KidsSpace/would be bored by the talk/workshop/etc.. What do you do?
If you want to meet people and talk with them at an assembly but child is bored and annoyed. What do you do?

It's your child and if you think that you two will manage it I recommend to try it and take your child with you. Otherwise try to find a second trusted person which can take care of your kid.

@dwagenk Have you ever been to congress or any other chaos event?

@txt_file I've nkt been to ccc events yet, but to somewhat similar conferences (although definitely a lot smaller than congress, but self organized with teams of volunteers to run the whole thing). Attendung those would have been possible with kuds as well, but it would have been a constant fight against boredom.

@txt_file coming with the whole family is not an option, since looking after the two younger kids is quite a task by itself even at home. It get's more exhausting when we're on vacation or at events like that.

Maybe a close friend will come with me, then I'd be more flexible and maybe evem giving a talk would be possible.

@dwagenk Then I really recommend bringing that friend.

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