Hey experts! I want to provide to the shown area. The bus stop on the right is the main focus. It's crowded when the nearby school ends. Covering the bus stop in the other direction (behind the tree on the left) would be cool, but isn't a requirement.

Was looking at the M (45€) or the -Link (38€). Wouldn't want to spent much more.

Any suggestions/recommendations?


And should I enable the functionality even though there's no other APs anywhere close by?

@dwagenk The most important thing for this is the Antenna. Whatever device you use must have removable Antenna(s).

@dwagenk Oops, just noticed these are Outdoor models. They really have become affordable! My toot referred to using a normal router indoors with the Antenna outdoors.
Take a look at the the Antenna coverage diagrams.

@rudolf just looked at them. Without much knowledge I'd say the ubiquity ones look far better concentrated, whilst the tp-link has strangely shaped coverage of the area behind the antenna. So probably the ubiquity station is worth spending those couple bugs more.

To clarify: I'm looking at the Ubiquity NanoStation loco M 2.

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