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Lenovo Flach -> USB-C PD -> USB-C PD -> Lenovo rund. Das geht wirklich..

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COVID19/Law Enforcement 

Interpol is organizing a webinar how modern law enforcement could use COVID-19 tracking for their own benefit. Classic feature creep.

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Hello Fediverse!

We're the ops team working under the hood of uberspace.de.

After a lot of requests we finally brought uberspace to the fediverse.

Follow us for under-the-hood stories of our infrastructure.

#introductions #introduction

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Hello Mastodon!

We're the devs working on uberspace.de.

Our presence on mastodon isn't quite ready for prime time yet, but the dev team already found a home.

Follow us for under-the-hood quirks, hopefully useful tips about python/django and packaging, as well as occasional friendly rants about qmail or other software. If you're lucky you might also get to see a sneak peek or three.

boots welcome :)

#introductions #introduction

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I wrote a Rust crate to help with localising applications and libraries:


The idea is that all language assets are collected in a central place, compiled into the binary, but then selected at runtime, according to the system's LANG environment.

It's still pretty work-in-progress but if you wanna use it, feedback is much appreciated!

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Was soll diese Scheiße mit der Autokaufprämie?
Wieso gibts keine
ÖPV gratis machen?

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Autoprämie ist doch oll.

Ich fordere Abwrackprämie für den ICE 4. #wirtschaftsförderung

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Past things in technology I still miss:
4:3 Monitors actually good for working and not designed to watch videos

Rear connectors on notebooks
Make that a full set of connectors on notebooks

Products designed to last for years (once know as quality)

Quick release batteries on notebooks

Non-soldered on parts, also know as user upgradeable

Software you could buy, once and then use for however long you wanted instead of subscriptions

Way to often: privacy

I'm glad I finally see "Contact tracing apps won't solve the corona crisis" and similar toots, podcasts and blog posts appearing ([1][2][3, lang=de]). The amount of believe in this technology even by media that usually have very differentiatet and detailed analysis of problems (e.g. the in many regards awesome @lagedernation , lang=de) is really concerning to me.

1 schneier.com/blog/archives/202
2 brookings.edu/techstream/inacc
3 netzpolitik.org/2020/wie-sich-

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@PINE64 I'd like it if you had a European bank account, then I could transfer money for free, in comparinson to extensive "oversees" charges when transferring the money to Hong Kong directly.

#covid19 social and mental health impact 

“We aren’t all in this together. We’re in the same rough seas, but we’re in very different boats. And some of those boats are very leaky. And some of those boats were never given oars. And some of those boats have high-powered motors on them. We are not all in the same boat.”
Cynthia Enloe
in: theguardian.com/commentisfree/

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Of course the thinkpad won't go to the dumpster. It's a tablet version with a stylus for drawing. It will probably be used as a laptop for my kids in the next couple years. The oldest (5 1/2 y) played around with during a long train ride and enjoyed it a lot.

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Just ordered a .

Have been moving quite a lot of resource hungry tasks (e.g. compiling) to a server recently, so I guess the specs are good enough for it to become my everyday laptop. Media playback performance and battery life will certainly be better than with the old thinkpad I'm using now.

I'm very excited.

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Ich sitze mal wieder draußen im Hinterhof, die Kinder spielen, und ich resümiere meine Wahrnehmung:
• Familien mit Kindern sind häufig überlastet.
• Kinderlose, die nicht systemrelevant sind, langweilen sich großenteils.
• Es fällt Lehrkräften schwer, ein gesundes Volumen für zu Hause zu finden.
• Eine gute #Nachbarschaft ist in Krisenzeiten gold wert.
• Viele StädterInnen sehnen sich nach Schrebergarten oder Land.
• Digitalisierung lebt von #tuwat für den Kiez.
Wollt ihr das ergänzen?

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@PINE64 Hi!
I love how you're making it easy for end users to repair any issues themselves - it's the obvious first step to more ethical consumption, and I believe anything less should frankly be illegal.
One quick question: Do you have any ethical guidelines for the factories and natural resources used in the production of the products?
If yes, are these available anywhere?
If no, are you considering a line of more ethical (albeit expensive) products with more openness in this regard?

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@Binder @tek

> Except for some specific cases, [in Rust] anything safer than C must be slower than C.

That hasn't been my personal experience with . For example, consider the four toy benchmarks where Rust outperforms C, benchmarksgame-team.pages.debi In two of those, the Rust code uses `unsafe`; in the other two, it doesn't.

I know that's one data point, but it matches my experience – getting C-level performance from Rust will *sometimes* require `unsafe`, but just as often will not

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