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May I have your attention, please?
May I have your attention, please?
Will the free speech extremists please fuck off?
I repeat, will the real free speech extremists please fuck off?
We're gonna have a problem here

@__ths__@twitter.com or anybody else here know about any more recent information about modified free software / open-source licences to prohibit military use than this 2015 talk?


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Ich glaube ja, #Berlin braucht eher sichere Radwege statt #Flugtaxis. 🙄

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Installed Vim Vixen in Firefox but it's not quite the same as qutebrowser. I like qutebrowser now, but it really struggles with large pages.

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Finally: Alpine Linux, i3wm and a physical keyboard on a mobile phone. The keyboard may be a bit worn down, but the n900 is still going strong like it’s 2009 💖

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Are you against your public posts being saved in the Wayback Machine? (boosts appreciated)

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Da hat die #CDU ja wieder den Vogel abgeschossen. Jetzt soll es Regelungen zur #meinungsfreiheit vor Wahlen geben. Was kommt als nächstes? Vorausgefüllte #Wahlzettel? :mastorage:


Thanks @chriskrycho@twitter.com for the show! It's been great!

Binge-listened to all the old episodes, when I first discovered it a little more than a year ago.

Doing a clean setup of arch linux with i3 window manager for my laptop. (on a different drive, to keep my previous setup for some time until I'm really comfortable with the new one).

Using anarchy linux installer for arch, the name and slogan is great ;)

Politics - EU elections 2019 - german satirical party "Die Partei" 

Or is anyone using yadm (yadm.io) and can share some experience?

Anyone here using vcsh (github.com/RichiH/vcsh) for config management/sync?

I need a tool like that, but am not sure about how to find something that's neither tedious to maintain (like manually copying/symlinking files) nor totally overkill.

I'm on a journey to nerdistan...

It started with using vim and vim like keybindings in other editors about a year ago. I recently added i3 as a window manager and am currently evaluating whether to use qutebrowser or chromium/brave with cvim extension as my primary browser.

Using some more aggressive cleaning lotion I got the screen almost clean again, but a little stain remains. The keyboard will stay that way.

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If I could Anbox running on my desktop I would stick to all the damn time. That application is stupid solid.

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@cooper KeePass (KeepPassXC to be exact). Others might suggest pass, but it doesn't encrypt site names and other metadata (which is almost as important as the data) so I wouldn't recommend it

In case you're wondering wich product I'm actually talking about: 

I often use only one of them, because I need to be approachable (kids...), but I haven't found a way, to use only the right earbud. Seems to be the way, that I can use the left one in stand-alone / mono mode, but the right one is only connected via the left one. I'll have to see how fast the battery in the left one will wear out.

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