I found this in a browser tab and was originally told about it by a colleague.

Convert stuff, Ohm's Law, Reactance, lots of stuff


Bacula 9.6.5 now in the tree.

This release now supports the AWS S3 cloud driver, however the port does not provide an S3 options yet. because of time constraints.

Why not wait then? Because this upgrade contains security fixes.


Replacing the existing zroot on with new drives. This is the plan, partially started. Install, snapshot, send, recv, repeat.

I think this might work


Sure, @BSDCan 2020 starts on Wednesday at 1300 UTC & is online this year. No registration required. All free & recorded [available online at a later date]. Watch with LVC or whatever, even your browser.

But I think everyone needs to know that my new mattress arrives on Tuesday.

Two new features were added to FreshPorts on 2020-05-30:

Repology links - each port now has a link to repology.org. See github.com/FreshPorts/freshpor for details.

Ports I maintain report - port maintainers can now subscribe to a daily report of commits to the ports they maintain. See "Watch ports I maintain" under Report Subscriptions. Details at github.com/FreshPorts/freshpor

If you have cash-back sitting on your card, I urge you to donate that to ACLU, SPLC, or similar.

That will affect the world more than expressing outrage on social media.

Home is good. I have worked from home for about 5 years now. I have no incentive to take an office job.

Looking for volunteers to collect questions for speakers.

When? Wed 27 & Thu 28 May

What? look for questions on IRC, copy and paste them into a file, then commit them to GitHub.

Very easy, but it helps free me up for other tasks. Thanks.


PGCon 2020 tutorials start on Tue May 26 @ 1300 UTC

Online. Free. No registration.


You can watch them via the streaming channel: pgcon.org/2020/stream1.php

You can interact via Zoom meeting - details later.

FreshPorts now displays the package versions available from the various repos.

Take devel/qt5-core for example. You can get:

* 5.11.1 on FreeBSD:11:aarch64
* 5.14.2_2 on FreeBSD:13:i386

See freshports.org/devel/qt5-core/ and scroll down for details.

Please test this LibreNMS patched for non-creds on the command line release:


Add SNMPCONFPATH to .env file

See release notes at about URL for details

FreeBSD port for the above here: git.langille.org/dvl/ports/src

Any issues, please ask me. Should work.

Today I've managed to put Python code into PHP scripts.

I know what I want to do but I've been mixing up my coding while working on this LibreNMS stuff.

I will have a release for testing of LibreNMS without snmp creds on the command line later today. This issue is only relevant if you are using snmp v3

Still a proof of concept. Testing on varied platforms is appreciated. Test with just a few hosts. Manual configuration required.

At present, there are no changes. We have a starting point which works.

Thank you

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LibreNMS update: Testers wanted.

I've setup a copy of the LibreNMS repo at github.com/dlangille/librenms

A port which builds from that repo is available at: git.langille.org/dvl/ports - that port will build a librenms-dvl package so it does not conflict with librenms in a repo.

You can help by buliding & installing to get a functioning LibreNMS instance for testing. Have it monitor a host or two.

When I have code updates, you can update to the latest version and see if it still works.

I asked: how might net-snmp be doing this?

setproctitle perhaps

I grep'd the code. Didn't find it.

I did some searching, checked the FAQ. I found nothing related to net-snmp hiding credentials.

Could this be a Linux thing? Is Linux hiding the creds?


In my case, this occurs in a jail. Nobody else has access. I'm not overly concerned about it.


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