As asked elsewhere, will I be soldering circuit boards?

No, just the wires, no boards or components.

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I plan to replace some fans and some soldering will be required. I haven't done any soldering in decades.

Which iron would you recommend for this, given it won't be used much?

The fan connector is not standard, so I'll buy a compatible fan, cut, and solder in.

I've been given an R720 and plenty of RAM (different donations, same source). The plan: get drive cages and drives, configure it as a FreshPorts node, put it back into the data center. You may recall I brought home a broken server back in late August. FreshPorts has been running on the old server since then.

I hope to crowd-source the funds for that new hardware.

I'm also working on getting FreshPorts onto AWS as well.

Hardware starts arriving today.

Next: flash the H710 mini into IT mode.

I ran tests over the weekend to make sure the rack shuts down smoothly when a power failure occurs. Just as important, I wanted to make sure it starts up properly and unattended. Usually I am not near the rack when power is restored.

It takes about 3.5-4 minutes to shut down.

From power restoration, it is about 7 minutes before all hosts are up, about 15 minutes for all jails to be running, and 25 minutes before Nagios is all green.

I testing the shutdown process of my UPS when using nut. I did this without turning off the UPS or letting the batteries run down.

10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #7 0x800a7a736 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 exiting (due to assertion failure)

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Hmm, named on one host just crashed.

10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.475 resolver.c:5125: INSIST(dns_name_issubdomain(&fctx->name, &fctx->domain)) failed, back trace
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #0 0x2cfdf0 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #1 0x4b3e9a in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #2 0x4005fb in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #3 0x4065b9 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #4 0x40e000 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #5 0x40baf4 in ??
10-Sep-2020 11:56:48.476 #6 0x4d9a0c in ??

I've been using @Tarsnap since at least 2015-10-09

I recently decided to purge some old backups. Along the way, I found out just how much compression and deduplication are saving on storage space.

I'm using Mark Felder's script to update FreeBSD jails.

$ time sudo ~/src/mkjail/src/bin/mkjail update -j pg01
Updating pg01 jail...

src component not installed, skipped
Looking up mirrors... 3 mirrors found.


Have you ever used this type of notation for specifying a run of IP addresses on a host?


Specifically, that 1-9 part

Great FreshPorts idea from

"Add feature to watch for new package sets"

Pick an ABI (or several) such as FreeBSD:12:amd64 and receive an email when FreshPorts notices that this repo has been rebuilt.

FreshPorts checks hourly.

details at:


DNS stopped working on a jail, but only some DNS queries were failing. Changing an IP address to a /32 fixed it. Order of IP address within the jail is important. That /32 changed the order. Related to allow-recursion within named:

The BSDCan 2020 video is now available.

Please thank John Young, from the Hamilton BSD user group, for the post-processing.

The BSDCan 2020 playlist is:

Got this after upgrading MySQL from 5.7.30 to 5.7.31

mysqldump: Error: 'Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s)
for this operation' when trying to dump tablespaces

Fixed it with permissions.

I found this in a browser tab and was originally told about it by a colleague.

Convert stuff, Ohm's Law, Reactance, lots of stuff

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