Anyone local to Philadelphia looking for work?

I know a consulting firm looking for PHP/Wordpress consultant in center city 5-6 months initially. Please email dan at and I'll forward your resume.

Yes, I'm getting a referral fee. :)

A reminder: this is your last weekend before the BSDCan 2020 CFP deadline

A reminder: this is your last weekend before the PGCon 2020 CFP deadline

Ever thought: I know I installed that package...but where, on what host?

I know I installed keycloak somewhere? Where is it?

samdrucker=# select hostswithpackage('keycloak');
(1 row)

You have just over a week to get your PGCon 2020 submission in please.

You have just over a week to get your BSDCan 2020 submission in please.

$ sudo pkg audit -F
vulnxml file up-to-date
pkg: vulnxml parsing error: no element found
pkg: cannot process vulnxml


rm /var/db/pkg/vuln.xml

try again.

Blog if you can. Answer your own posts/emails if you find the solution. Writing about what you're doing will help other and probably yourself.

For the terminal junkies out there, check out 'toot', which is a command line Mastodon client which comes with both Unix-like commands and a curses UI.

@dvl Different requirements, but we need to find or build a really tiny OAuth server. That way, it can be integrated into projects that already run their own authentication, like Mastodon servers, and those accounts can then be used to authenticate in place of big monolithic systems like Google and Facebook.

I know, I know, social media sites shouldn't be the centre of your identity on the 'net, and it's centralising too much power, but the average person needs access to OAuth w/o self-hosting.

What oauth server do you use? Looking for an open source solution, preferably with an existing FreeBSD package.

We need the ability for users to create & maintain their own accounts & then use that for oauth logins.

That server & where they login will be within the same domain.

This is..... concerning. It has the potential to effect people beyond the borders of the United States, and I have a hard time thinking that impact will be a net positive.

"Congress warns tech companies: Take action on encryption, or we will - CNET"

I have my Google Takeout data.

I'd like to do something with it, such create some webpage with that data.

Do you know of such a tool? I don't want to do this manually.

Sometimes I forget about TLS / SSL / x509 certificates have both server and & versions. For me, that applies mostly to private CAs. I use the security/ssl-admin port for that.

Yeah, don't use a server cert when a client cert is called for:

I've upgraded the Unifi networks at three locations today:

* my place
* the Hill residence
* the White residence

Today happens to be the day of the year I'm usually at all three locations.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, a vuln package to upgrade.

pkg upgrade foo

There. Done.

Oh, what other hosts have this installed.

I have an SQL query for that.

samdrucker=# select hostswithpackage('py36-urllib3');


Do you renew SSL keys on a regular basis?

If so, why?

If not, why?

First task today: upgrade a server

I like to arrive about 15 minutes before the maintenance window. That gives me time to log into all the services I will need, get the ticket in front of me, open the upgrade instructions, mount the images, etc.

And tweet about it.

I have convinced myself that I have room to add a 2U battery expansion pack for my UPS. I would remove one unused server and move another up. Perhaps 2 hours of work.

I have further convinced myself that tripling my runtime on batteries isn't worth the extra money. It might get used or twice a year. When the power goes off, it's either less than a few minutes or it's going to be hours. It's rarely between 13 minutes and 30 minutes, which is what the extra cost would buy me.

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