Gnome is very opinionated, but their opinions make a lot of sense. Gnome is not a traditional desktop by any means, but it doesn't try to be one. Learn the Gnome way of doing things and it'll be the best desktop you've ever used. The worst thing you can do is try to force it to be a traditional desktop. Don't. You'll just have to fight with it.

@dusnm Yeah, but what if it changes and I'm afraid of change like black people starring in movies.

Can't I complain and make everyone's life miserable until I get my way and then try to convince the whole internet that they are wrong and have wronged me and that we should dox the developers because of a minor inconvenience that isn't really that inconvenient and it just means I have to adjust my workflow even though I expect novice users to change their workflows all the time?


@redeagle I wouldn't be so cynical. This wasn't really meant to attack anyone, just to share my opinion around why so many people seem to be struggling with Gnome. I'm amazed at how good it is considering that the developers are essentially volunteers. Doxing them doesn't help anyone, it's just petty.

@dusnm I like Gnome. I do think it needs to work on its communication (based on anecdotal dev comments), but it's good stuff overall.

I was poking fun at the people that overreact from change. People that think Gnome never should have changed from v2. They feel like the same people that complain about diversity in movie adaptations cause it's different from the books.

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