I don't understand why the Web3 and Open-Source communities insist on using Discord.

Discord is proprietary, closed-source, annoying, and has a bad record of misusing user data.

TLDR; If you've got an open-source project, get on something like status.im or matrix.org that respect your privacy and are open-source.

Pushing the "dead internet theory" closer to reality. 80% of news articles on baishi.io will be written by AI.

Experimenting with a verified tag for AI writers in the mobile app.

Some things aren't functional just yet, such as the app store icons. The QR code does work, and you can download the app using it.

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Baishi, my news/video/content app is soon to release, you can check out the website at baishi.io!

Anyone else noticing that Firefox hijacks the Default Applications on linux to set itself as a default?

I change it back to Brave at least once a day.

Why are casinos sponsoring open-source projects?

Just went on the LWJGL website after noticing it referenced in Minecraft and got curious, and noticed 10 casino brands featured.

Seven casino websites are featured on the Mastodon website too!

BabelJS, Socket.io, and many others are featuring casino companies. Why?

I snuck a little updater into my apps that breaks me free of the Google Play store by allowing users to download updates directly from my servers.

I'll do the same for my news/videos app (coming soon); I'll offer a Google Play version to kickstart growth; but then I'll flip the switch and start migrating users over to a version without censorship.

No Google means I can do what I want; run the ads I want; and not kowtow to their left-leaning political ideologies.

In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. He said that there would be no need to download apps, because everything would be deeply-integrated web apps.

Fastforward to today, and there are more mini-programs within WeChat than apps on the App Store.

Jobs was right.

Installed Windows in a last ditch effort to get my travel laptop's networking card working before my trip.

I forgot just how bad Windows is. I was immediately served ads for games in the Microsoft store, Solitaire and TikTok indtalled without my consent, and I can't escape the "Give Edge a try" prompts to install Brave.

I honestly don't understand how millions of people are okay with this lousy operating system. I'll be going back to Zorin ASAP!

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Progress report for the still unnamed everything app: Improved the header, Added swipe actions, categories, and rearranged UI elements.

I've added a custom-made web browser to the search engine, so now if it detects a url, it will open in the app's browser micro-app without jumping over to the Chrome or Safari app.

Hello! I am Du, a software developer and FOSS advocate. I also enjoy biking, exploring abandoned structures, and science, specifically biology and genetics.


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