My blog post on what makes the best mastodon instance.

Replies to this toot will be in the comment section of my blog.

@dsyates That was a pleasant reading, you described perfectly my feelings for Fosstodon and the fediverse in general.

@dsyates that's my experience with fosstodon as well a nice little corner of the web :)

@dsyates Pretty good read! Just migrated over here.

I'm a bit curious as to how you got Mastodon to work as a comment system on your site. Do you use a plugin or JS library?

@dsyates That's awesome, thanks! I'll have to play around with it a bit. 😀


My wife is an herbalist, and I'm holding ready to become an instance. I imagine the enthusiasm in:

as applied to those who study and practice the use of plants in health. With rampant censorship on Wikipedia, YT, FB, Twitter, even the humble art of noting what plants have what health effects is under siege!

@dsyates thanks for the reminder that I should donate to support this instance. Always grateful to the great people behind @fosstodon

I have learned a lot from the fosstodon community. This community is great.

@dsyates If you mean this reply toot will automatically be posted as a comment to your blog post, that's super cool, how did you do that?

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