Got Caldav sync working with the Remind Linux text mode calendar. Also got .ICS file import working too. Now I’ve finally achieved my calendar goals:

1) Avoid Google and Apple calendars by using Fruux.

2) Make calendar sync to any caldav client.

3) Enable people I work with in other companies to see my free/busy times online and book slots.

4) Import iCal invitations.

5) Do the whole darn thing in terminal.

So happy! And Remind is just fabulous.

server upgrade with new certs went off without a hitch as well 😃

update using the built-in updater worked flawlessly. yay!

I finally took the time to write about how I manage my #gemini feeds with #comitium (and docker)

Or via gemini:

Finally, I have them ALL. Take a look at this beauty.
Now I support BOTH Github and Mastodon. No more excuses to leave a comment on my website!

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Switched over to using a window manager (awesome) and it's been pretty fantastic. Not sure if I could ever go back to a regular "desktop" GUI style...

is the most affordable password manager. It provides almost all basic features free of cost such as unlimited passwords, sync passwords across all devices, strong password generator, and an option to self-host passwords.

If you want to make ASCII art banners for your #gemini capsule, this page is very useful:

Do not forget to put a comment at the first line of your preformatted block declaration for accessibility :

``` ascii-art : E

Just liberating my from Win to , not sure I’ll have time to read

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