I would just like to mention that both of my parents are now Arch users btw.

How can people call themselves “computer enthusiasts” when they are unwelcoming to any opportunity to tinker and learn? The whole point of being a computer guy is to break things and then fix them; that’s how you grow your knowledge!

Smh Linus Tech Tips really do be a disgrace to the tech community.

I just discovered that Xev prints button input from wireless earbuds. The more ya know :blobcatMelt2:

I literally just poured my heart and soul into writing a reflection for school. I would say it was roughly 500 words.

Since it was for school, I was forced to use Microsoft Planner. I wrote it, I saved it...

It's gone.

My socials teacher did it. She actually did it. She said that free and open source software is insecure and problematic.

I can't even remember how long it's been since I started teasing it, but I've FINALLY finished rewriting my site!

It took a few tries, but I've finally made something that I'm happy with, AND THE FULL SITE IS 6KB!

Check it out at dstek.xyz !

Okay I’ve been through quite a lot of crap today and yesterday.

I bought a soldering iron, I bought a GPIO header, I soldered them together. BUT, THEN THE PI DIED. I thought that I had burned the PCB to a crisp.

Well, I had forgotten that just prior to soldering, I had rewritten the SD card for the Pi using dd instead of Etcher. Since dd has issues sometimes, the Pi couldn’t boot from the SD, appearing to be dead. BUT NOW I’VE REWRITTEN THE MEDIA AND IT WORKS!

You see, I could make my site nice and minimal with a single page and no style sheet. But I could also.... not do that... 😏

Messing with my graphics drivers for better OpenGL support is looking awfully appealing.

After all, what's the worst that could happen?

My server may or may not have suffered a potentially catastrophic fall from a high shelf. Luckily, it still works!

I’m just sad that I lost a roughly hundred day uptime😔

I still have to check to make sure that the SSD I had hooked up still works.

Other than that, I’m just trying to survive with 40 degree weather!

I decided to make a school project with HTML, but since I was using a Windows laptop from my school, I had to write with Notepad. All I’ll say is that I will never take Vim for granted ever again.

I bought a lot of laptops the other day. I’ll give more information soon, but among the lot was an original 15” MacBook Pro!

I’ll install Linux on here soon, but I’m just such a vintage Apple nut that I couldn’t help but install Mac OS X on here as well!

Forgive me, Father Torvalds, for I have sinned, but old Macs are just SO DAMN SEXY!!!

BTW, this cost me less than $10.

I bought an iBook for $10 on Craigslist. The seller said that it didn’t have drive, yet here I am, installing Debian.

Most of my peers brag about their Snapchat streaks. I, on the other hand, brag about my uptime.

I’ve been up late working on my BRAND NEW SITE that will be public soon. As of right now, however, I’m going to sleep.

When I first wrote my website, I regrettably did it without having much of any practice in HTML.

I’m glad to say that I’m finally learning more basic and fundamental knowledge, and I hope to have a revamped site soon!

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