It almost feels like "The Wild West"; all your behavioural data (c f land) is out there for grabs to be "colonized". Anyone can claim my personal information ("you signed this!"). Even if I hide in a cave that's registered by the Google/FB et al.

More on : I guess the problem starts when machines can identify and record behaviour, as opposed to earlier when some human needed to record information. Does this have and end? When machines can identify and record feelings, will Google snoop and collect data on my love life? Push me ads when I'm feeling lonely? 🙁 Who owns data on my feelings? What does that ownership imply?

General questions here on : If I walk thru my living room, is *knowledge of that behaviour* "my data"? If I walk across a town square, is that "my data"? Does it differ if I am identified as an individual or just classified as "male, caucasian, 60+ years"? What does this ownership imply? :thaenkin:

Managed to brick my two days old by tinkering with some power commands. Now I need to inject new DNA (or actually BIOS) using the small PCB at bottom of picture. Had to sent for it for $6. Why does this always happens to me? D'oh!

I also use Windows 10 at work but never figured out the thing about tiles (or was that an earlier version?) or what folder stuff ends up in.

Guess I'll start with an : I'm an oldtime software developer with interest in open source, privacy and recently fediverse. Might be setting up a server soon, on the subject of privacy in my country, .


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