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DS4Windows 2.1.4 is now out. Many bug fixes and now DS4Windows shows if an input device is blocked by HidGuardian.

Autism off the charts. Working on several projects to play PC games wrong with different devices.

DS4, Steam Controller, Switch Pro, Wiimote (IR), and potentially JoyCons.

Playing through Halo 2 using Gyro Mouse Joystick. Really enjoying the storyline behind the Covenant.

DS4Windows 2.1.4 is now out. Many bug fixes and now DS4Windows shows if an input device is blocked by HidGuardian.

It has taken almost two months to fully unlock the capabilities of the Switch Pro controller. Getting the haptic linear actuators working to emulate rumble was the last step. Maybe now more work can go into the mapping software rather than device support.

Beat Bulletstorm with the Switch Pro controller using Gyro Mouse. Still tweaking some variables. Using the 1€ filter made a big difference. I might start using it in more places rather than the weighted average technique.

Finally took the plunge and changed the Exclusive access check. Took some major work but DS4Windows now shows if HidGuardian is being used to block a device. Currently represented with a key icon.

Still playing around with the Switch Pro controller. Finally got past the experimental gyro support phase and have now arrived at the fun to play phase. Ended up starting a New Game+ run of Bulletstorm.

The next experiment will likely be testing the use of the 1€ filter as opposed to the weighted average smoothing approach I typically use.

Got the Switch Pro controller Gyro mostly deciphered with a minor Gyro Mouse test. Seems to work fairly well but it seems to have a bit more drift than the DS4 gyro.

HidNinja is now bundled with DS4Windows as an extra tool. Although it is a small program, it does make managing HidGuardian much easier. It has been useful beyond just using with DS4Windows.

Version 2.1.3 is out. Some big changes have landed with the biggest changes being updated ViGEm client libraries and bundling an HidGuardian management app (HidNinja). Quite a long change list.

Experienced Layers of Fear on Linux using the Python 3 port of sc-controller. Even with getting the interactive movie during a giveaway, I still feel ripped off. Boring story and no real gameplay. A waste of 3 hours of my life.

DS4Windows 2.1.2 has been released. The latest addition is permanent output device support. With this option, you can have DS4Windows plugin virtual controllers at program start and input DS4s will be bound to them as needed.

Still working on getting my development environment set back up. I plan to push out the current changes as is and get a new DS4Windows release out shortly.

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