@gairsty This seems like a neat project to get started:
I just found it when I read your toot, so I can't recommend it from experience, but it seems to be serious...but please do check for your own before using it. Maybe somebody else knows of it?
EDIT: Dang, didn't see the post from @Matter until now, leaving it here anyway...

@Matter The post from @gairsty from Tuesday, about him trying to install Nextcloud on a RasPi. In the process of redrafting it, it seems to have been Toots have a unique ID that one can reference them by?

@drueck yes, you can see the link to the toot in the address bar (for example ) or share it in whatever app you use

@Matter Thanks, I only looked in Tootle and they don't have that feature (yet). Should've just have a look in the browser...Sorry! Thanks again!
The Toot I answered to was this:

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