Hey guys, learned about this epic alternative to twitter from CCC. My first social network that I join, and happily! I'm really curious what will happen ;)
Thanks @fosstodon for providing this instance!
Just a few things about me: I'm a FOSS enthusiast (obviously!), I adore Linux and always strive for a deeper understanding of it, I am interested in infosec and cryptography and also care a lot about digital and analog games!

@drueck Welcome, I think you'll fit right in 😄

The Chaos Communication Congress, otherwise known as the c3. It's like the European equivalent of the defcon.

From the CCC? I'd like to hear more about that! :blobcat:

And welcome! Enjoy your stay! :blobnom:

@rick_777 @fosstodon Unfortunately not from the CCC, but an ever increasingly interested fan ;) Sorry if I gave the wrong impression! What I meant was that I learned about Mastodon from the profile of one of the Chaosradio hosts.
Thanks for the warm welcome, though! :)

Welcome to the fediverse. 👍
Another libre software enthusiast here.

@txusinho @fosstodon Thank you so much! So many nice people here, I like it! :)

@chris @fosstodon Hey Chris, thank you so much! I must confess I didn't know that you're the dev of the Hack font, but now that I know, I have to say thank you! My favorite code font by far! Keep up the awesome work! Glad to see that you're on the Fediverse!

@drueck @fosstodon great to hear that! Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy the fonts and let me know if you happen to come across any problems with them!

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