🤪 Connected the #Librem5 with a nearly empty #battery to the usb charger, opened the back, took out the battery, put in the already charged other battery, closed it - ready to go!

No need to shut down the phone. Really nice!

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Added a viewer count to :pixelfed: Live!

Will be sharing links to download the app this week, along with instance configuration documentation 🚀 #pixelfedLive #liveStreaming

"This country was founded by a group of slave owners who told us that all men are created equal. That is what is known as stunningly full of shit. " -- George Carlin #quotes

I picked up my first programming book when I was ~12 years old. It was in Danish, my native language, because my English skills weren't good enough. This make me think, that translation of software and book/documention is pretty important. English will be -- if not already -- more or less ubiquitous in the Western world. But if you are a kid picking up a programming primer book -- be it electronic or paper -- having it in your native language is a big help!

Some other instances also seem blocked now, mastodon.social, mastodon.online, mas.to even joinmastodon.org! ❌ 🇨🇳


The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, has filed an appeal against a Moscow court decision demanding that it remove information related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, arguing that people have a right to know the facts of the war.


What is the fediverse's opinion on the Fifa World Cup Championship in Qatar?

I personally thinks it's a disgrace on so many levels. It's modern slavery. It's absolutely gruesome, and the government of my country escapes every question concerning this, behaving like the main actors in a tragicomedy paid by the tax payers.

Last minute #AppleEvent predictions? Sure why not:

* Mac Ultra mini: No screen, no ports, no I/O besides WiFi. Give it a 'net connection and hope it computes something for good
* Apple Reality glasses. Not Virtual, not Augmented, just Reality™. It just shows you the impending destruction of climate change and overlays corporate sponsor logos on politicians' suits
* Apple Pencils for #Twitter: They come in a two pack now. Instead of opening Twitter you can just shove both into your eyes

Though born more than thirty after the end of the Second World War, the global conflagration suffused my childhood. My father served in the War and carried the scars throughout his life. He was one of the lucky ones.

As a consequence, every year I take a moment to remember those who put their lives on the line to secure the freedoms I have enjoyed all my life.

#DDay #overlord #WWII #lestweforget2022


When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is much easier for screen reader users than #dogsofmastodon, even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y

Just finished the first section on the Cognitive Revolution (ca. 70k BC to ca. 12k BC). Now diving into what's described as the biggest trap in the history of man: Agriculture!

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Just casually flippin' the pages of human history. 100 pages in, and what a huge recommendation from me!

What do you think is the most likely cause for the decline in birth rates?

There is no place for dictators in Western liberal societies. Except the boardroom.


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