Can you beat 1024 bytes of javascript?

Kilobytes Gambit - a tiny chess engine.

In 2011 former president of the US, George W. Bush cancelled a trip to Geneva. And there's a reason for that - he's might be arrested.

Any old ideology can exploit people… the true genius of capitalism lies in getting the exploited to celebrate their own exploitation in hopes that maybe one day they’ll be the ones doing the exploiting.

Want to help mobilize your community to support #NetNeutrality, limits on police surveillance, or other digital rights? Here are a few tips on how to organize a local event.

The only “ethical AI” for personal data is free and open AI that runs on your own devices where you own and control it. The only “ethical AI” for communal data is free and open AI owned and controlled by us all. AI/data owned and controlled by corporations is unethical to begin with.

There has been a lot of discussion lately as whether or not Twitter, Facebook, etc. is to be the judge of what one can and cannot say online. This article from 1½ year ago about how the Mastodon fediverse handled the migration of the unmoderated, primarily right-winged social media to it's platform is an interesting interesting read.

He is indeed writing history. And that's not in a good way. It might be wishful thinking, but I think it would for the better if a third of the Republicans in the senate stepped up and voted to impeach this man for inciting violence and putting the oldest democracy in the world in danger.

The details coming out about the riot being aided by people inside the Congress is chilling. And it has only been nine days since the tragedy. So I fear we are to expect more horrifying news.

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This is a short, interesting, and extremely important read about the dangers of surveillance capitalism.

I find interesting about two floss projects which use Esperanto names.

1. Skribilo
2. Poezio

Maybe I am seeing relationships where it does not exist but Esperanto philosophy, in my opinion, is for languages what libre software is for Software.

What we’ve warned about is finally here. Police in Jackson, Mississippi are asking residents to allow live-stream access to their Ring doorbell camera.

A lot of new coders don’t care/know about different OSS licenses

Via HN. Why does bad news dominate the news? Because most good news is too slow.

"An important thing that explains a lot of things is that good news takes time but bad news happens instantly."

Victory: The EU Commission shall look into banning #targetedadvertising, the European Parliament decided today (with a majority of 341:303 votes). And this is why. (Spoiler: reliance on pervasive tracking and profiling of all users)

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