"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

these 100 corporations probably produce 71% of the things that we buy every day, so I don't really see the point.

@maltimore @syndikalista
Not quite. The claim is explained here:


and these are fossil fuel companies.

But your point is valid, in the sense that the consequence is "don't buy their products"

Which broadly means: don't drive, don't fly, don't buy plastics or synthetics; make sure your electricity and home heating is not from fossil fuels.

@wim_v12e @maltimore @syndikalista And 'Recycle, compost, go vegan' dint's their market in substantial ways (if everyone was doing it)

@LovesTha @wim_v12e @maltimore @syndikalista Less than we'd like though. Plastics mfgs in the States used recycling to sell more plastics (npr.org/2020/09/11/897692090/h) and veganism is already co-opted as a lifestyle brand here in the West (see eg Whole Foods, Lush Cosmetics, etc). Buying fewer things is still the best way to buy fewer things.


@LovesTha @wim_v12e @maltimore @syndikalista (which is not to say stop doing those things, just that they alone won't fix things, per OP)

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