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my granular synth engine for / is available here:

video documentation and possibly a proper license forthcoming.

Ran into another hard problem today. Got a trait object whose functions I can't call because they need to be Self: Sized and the trait takes const generics, so now I have to do a bunch of restructuring. I was so close too.

wow I just got five emails from [gobbledygook] dated 2030-08-04 asking me to be a user tester - should I become a user tester for the people of the future!?

Nobody actually owns a spudger, right? we're all just using old credit cards and guitar picks?

TFW your friends change the group chat from WhatsApp to Signal and you don't have to do any of the convincing

Friend looking for a roommate in Winnipeg MB, Boosts really appreciated 

Shared from a trans friend:

Hey friends, I'm in search of a roommate for February (or March if need be) to join me and one other person in lovely South Osborne.
(It's really important to me that it be someone who is kind, into respectful communication, and understands how to respect their own boundaries and the boundaries of others. )
If you're interested, or know someone who might be, let me know!
Pls share!

In other words, I'm looking for a decent PDF reader for iPad with highlighting & annotations that I can sync to my nextcloud -_-

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I hate how one of the givens of the digital future we now live was supposed to be treating digital documents like paper but PDF apps are like "Free Trial! (Riddled with ads)" "$14.99/mo to highlight a document!" "Seamless sync to our proprietary cloud so you're forced to buy more of our products!"

We put up our seasonal fire hazard today. It was nice.

been coding for a long time, but now that I'm working in Rust I'm feeling a little smug now that I can say in good conscience that I'm "programming"

and I can never remember how to stop kacpid and kacpi_notify from eating an entire core

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hmm looks like I'm doing a fresh install of debian as a half-way between pop and arch...

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Get fedi hired. 

Anyone looking to get into reverse engineering? I have a couple of junior positions open.

/ recommissioning a desktop currently on Ubuntu 18.10. It's a modest AMD machine which I'll use for audio, office, and light dev. Hoping to run swaywm with an existing config and also get up and running quickly. Aside from cleaning off the fans and backing up, do I:

#PatchNotes @PatchNotes

is like #looptober, #noisevember #loopvember but runs through the year. Record, create, post, short-ish recordings, loops, beats, noises, melodies, sounds from your creative process where you work focused on sound/noise/music. Perhaps write a little description of anything that puts it into context (can be anything).

You can also call for #AudioFeedback #SoundCritique #RateMyNoise and add some reuse indication, if desired.

If you like this proposal, plz boost.

as much as I think I really could sell stuff as #cryptoart (and I really need some influx of non libre money now) , I just can't support the idea of all the energy (aka pollution) cost of those transactions made with "proof of work" blockchains ... :

for any transaction, Ethereum is using more than 30KW/h, so the same as I would use to cut ~10-15 1.25x2.5m wood boards with my CNC to make like 30 chairs or 6-8m of wall shelves

that amount of energy consumed _just_ to pay for the artwork is ๐Ÿคฎ

btw, I'm available for #musictheory lessons both in English and German on Jitsi, Skype or BigBlueButton (whatever works best for you).

My timezone is UTC +1.

German is my native language, so I'm more comfortable there, but I've been partnered with an American for close to 7 years, so I'm pretty confident in English, too. My existing teaching material is in German, though.

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