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my granular synth engine for / is available here:

video documentation and possibly a proper license forthcoming.

Can anyone recommend (or maybe even write) a for to treat bulleted lists like a document editor? (ie, enter on an item creates a new line with a bullet, enter on an empty bullet deletes everything on that line, tab on a bulleted item increases indent)

I'm missing some critical knowledge on how to wire this up in vimscript and just don't have the time.

Kennt sich jemand mit FiPys aus?

Inwieweit & mit welchem Aufwand sind sie im Verbund als #Netzwerk _off-grid_ betreibbar? Es geht um ein #Kunstprojekt. Per LR-WiFi/LoRa zu vernetzende Objekte sollen ohne Netzstrom betrieben werden. Die Objekte stehen bis 100++ Meter auseinander und auch innerhalb von Vegetation. Alle (mâglichst unsichtbare) Technik muß von einem Fahrrad befârdert werden kânnen.

Hinweise? Dank! #boost !

#fipy #offgrid #solar #wifi #lora #longdistance #wifi #vernetzung #kunst

@deidara What the fucking fuck?
Thank you for sharing this. I spread it among the Germans I know, who will share it around as well. Let's see if anything can be done before the president signs this and it becomes official ...
All the #Germans on the Fedi, listen up! There is a #petition that needs signing:

really don't love the mistmatch of hyphenation in CSS "white-space: nowrap;"

will someone go and fire whoever at squarespace decided to put an event handler on ESC that takes you to the website's backend login?

TOML or YAML for a config file for a CLI app used by non-devs?

as seen on #PureData #Pd #announce mailing list:

#Call of #papers whose #deadline is approaching (june 1st 2021).
Please spread the word yourselves in your mailing lists for contacts who may contribute.

Vortex Music Journal | v.9 n.2, 2021 | Call for Papers
β€œA quarter of century of Pd: past, present and future”.

Deadline: June 1st, 2021.
Guest editor: Dr. Alexandre Torres Porres.

- Full Call:

installed an extension to switch my system theme & wallpaper from light to dark depending on time of day, which is slick, but now I have all this backlog writing scripts for the parts of my system that it doesn't cover, which is less great

β€œThe Signal for Help (or the Violence at Home Signal for Help) is a single-handed gesture that can be used by an individual to alert others that they feel threatened and need help over a video call, or in-person.”

FOSS audio apps to have in your toolkit (which in my experience fly under the radar):

- Zita's Aliki - for generating impulse responses. (The interface is a bit opaque if you don't know the process but there's a manual on their website, worth taking the time to learn)
- Sonic Visualiser - Great tool for analyzing recordings (like, for instance, IRs)
- Spek - for quickly generating those iconic spectrogram images

love keeping half a dozen browser tabs open from a project work sesh for like a week and then when you finally sit down to work on the project again you realize you don't need the tabs anymore.

Wanting to try an arch install because cutting edge releases but not wanting to have to maintain an arch install...

I keep running into sites that work in chrome but not firefox. webdevs, test your work!

really enjoying rust but yikes it takes so much time to write

We had "tiktok pasta" for dinner. It was pretty good. First regional food from an online region that I've heard of. Are there any others I should know?

accidentally closed a browser tab with <C-w> when I meant to backspace a word again

compiled a release build, went to "install" by moving to ~/.local/bin, cp says "same file" -- good ol' past me made it symlink. so proud of myself rn πŸ₯²

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