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bro stop showing me the cookie consent banner i already clicked yes. bro. bro you're covering half the page, bro. it takes a second to load and everything on the page jumps when it does, bro. just stop bro. stop using so many trackers and you don't have to do this bro. bro i'm worried about you

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I finished my little vroid project of my oc, sui!

still figuring out vroid hub - I'll leave a link in a reply because I tagged her as r15 for underwear reasons, you probably need a pixiv account to view it though. 🤷

#oc #3d #vroid

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I've successfully set up a media server with jellyfin :D kinda proud of myself since it was a personal goal of mine and it may seem small but it feels like I accomplished something

Might as well just continue using notepad++ like I have been Lol

Joplin has a nice layout but man i dont know how to get around it exporting filenames with random letters

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I will never sell your info because nobody wants to buy millions of posts that say shit like "ive boner".

Time to ignore important shit and set up jellyfin

Figured I might ask here, but anyone have recs for a good foss note taking app for windows?

I use Markor on Android and I think I want something similar that could also sync notes.

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“If we make all jobs pay the same amount, how will we incentivize people to do the jobs no one wants to do?”

“Well, the jobs that no one wants to do already pay like shit and people still do them”

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For anyone that uses android, DON'T USE THE PLAYSTORE! Use F-droid.

"F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform"

Don't know how? Follow this tutorial.


Would be kinda fun to build a gaming PC when I have the money; once I do I might just turn my laptop into a linux-only machine since I wouldn't be playing games on that 😌

the world isn't easy or fair especially if you're mentally ill and I just have to accept it lmao

I have arch linux installed on an old laptop of mine. Mainly to learn and play around with Linux. Wonder if it was a bad idea though and if I should go with something less complex lol. Not like i will really use it much for important stuff but still

Twitter makes me a bit miserable nowadays, I have made many friends there but feel as if I cant keep up with the amount of noise on there

I am new to mastodon, but it seems like a comfortable community. I'm currently working on an IT specialist course and am interested in software development, especially open source. I hope its okay for me to join although I don't have much coding experience, I'm learning and would love to be able to contribute to a project someday.


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